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Thursday, 29 November 2012


It happens :) That explains my last week. Monday with no exercise turned into 4 days of no exercise (except for Thursday). That and multiple high caloric meals caused a 1.2lb gain. So even staying within points I gained, but that's what happens when you make the decision to have pizza twice in one day.

This week I am back on point. Spin on Tuesday, 30 Day Shred level 2 yesterday, with level 1 today. Planned out meals, all within points. My energy is back and I feel smaller.

Even had a major NSV today. One of my co-workers is going on mat leave as of tomorrow and today she brought in a tray of brownies and red velvet cupcakes. The brownies were the blondie favourite. I took one. Then I put it in one of my tupperware containers from my breakfast, put it in my bag, and promptly forgot about it. I'll have it tomorrow after my WI and track it accordingly.

I am also down 0.5 inches on my hips, though my thighs and waist remain the same. But if my ass is getting smaller that's friggin amazing.

Let's see what happens tomorrow :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekly Goals

Ok, so I know that Monday is almost over, but I wanted to put out some weekly goals, and somehow I never got around to it on Sunday. This is from a post that someone on the WW boards posted last week, and it stuck with me.

One of my goals last week was to work out 4-5 days last week. I hit 4. I can normally get in 3-4 days Monday-Thursday, but the reason for 4-5 was because I never seem to workout on the weekends and I wanted to push myself to get something done on Saturday or Sunday.

So this week, this is what I want to do:

1) Again, get in 4-5 workouts

  • Tonight (if my teeth stop hurting, bloody dentist - if not tonight, then tomorrow morning) - Cardio
  • Tuesday - Resistance #5 from 10 lb Shred (could be moved to Sat/Sun)
  • Wednesday spin class
  • Thursday - Cardio
  • Sat/Sun - Resistance #6
2) Eat clean because I have two big meals on Friday and Saturday
3) Drink water at home as well as at work

Things are going really well with WW, but I want to help the plan along as best I can. I used up almost all of my WPs this past weekend, so I don't have a whole lot of wiggle room. But this time around I am actually tracking my WPs, so that's great. In my last kicks at this I didn't really track weekends at all, but now I am much more conscious of what I am doing on the weekends, and I think that's a job done well on my part, and reason why I am doing well at the scale.

My teeth really hurt :( I am pretty much in a blanky/sucky kinda mood. I'd rather kick back with some tea under my duvet with a movie. Looks like I'm getting a cardio morning tomorrow :)

Happy Monday all!

Friday, 16 November 2012


Hit my 5%!! For the like 10th time, but whatever, it feels new :) Not only did I hit it, I exceeded it by 1 lb, for a total loss of 1.4 for this week. I think I have finally found the fitness-food balance. I may not be  hitting the gym 5 days a week, but the times I do exercise it's pretty intense (ahem, spin class I'm looking at you!) I also track my weekends, and during the week I find it pretty easy to stay within my daily target. So I am liking how this particular kick at things is going.

I am still trying to get a handle on weekends so I don't go overboard. This has always been my downfall, and I am still learning how to cope with them.

I've got a housewarming tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect in terms of food, so I need to plan my day to make sure there's plenty of room for surprises.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Work craziness and TMI

This has been a heck of a week. Both long and slow at the same time with the amount of work I need to complete in the 7 hours I am in the office. Sometimes it feels like it just won't end, and other times it feels like time is just speeding by. Next week isn't going to be any different. First of all, my 5 month performance evaluation is upon me. This is what determines if I get recommended for permanent status or not. Gulp. I am not expecting anything other than relatively good news, but still, it's stressful. Then on top of that I have one or two meetings pretty much every day on top of a few presentations I am making to various classes, and then my regular work load. I'm tired just thinking about it and CANNOT WAIT for my Christmas break (fully paid, thank you collective agreement). Also, in just over one month my mom will be here!! That and a brief vacation with Christmas thrown in is what's getting me through the next few weeks.

So in terms of how my week has been going for food and fitness, I keep having pretty much Fri-Sun as a write off. I still track it though. That's my major accomplishment from all the other times I've done WW. I used to not track weekends. Now I am, and it does make me a little more accountable. But I kinda just went into a bf is back celebatory overload. Plus, I came home early on Monday and had a larger than normal (point and portion wise) lunch and snacked on saltine crackers, so my sodium levels were through the roof. Aside from that, Tues-present have been good. Well planned out and tracked meals with no overages. I also got in 3 days of exercise this week, though my goal is 4-5 since I want to ensure I get in some weekend exercise since I keep conveniently "forgetting" about it. What my WI is going to show me tomorrow is anyone's guess. I could go either way, or STS. It shall be a mystery until approximately 8:40 tomorrow morning.

Fitness was good. I am getting really hooked on spin class, and my Tommy Europe 10lb Shred workouts are a nice change of pace.

So what is the TMI you may be wondering? (or maybe not, lol)...well yesterday when I was getting dressed in the morning I paid no attention to how what I was wearing could possibly effect me later in the day. With that being said, has anyone ever exercised in a thong? A lace thong for that matter? Not a g-string, cause I honestly think that would have been better...a thong actually has TOO much material in this particular context. Holy hell the chafing! I was about 5 seconds into the first set of high knees when I realised, oh crap...baaaaaaad underwear choice today! And I had three interval sets to get through! And it wasn't just the more vigorous exercises either, crunches killed me...I guess cause there's a lot of movement when you're going up and down in the crunch position? Let me just say that there was some intense tenderness last night and this morning, and that I sure as hell put on my full coverage underwear in preparation for my workout after work today! Lesson learned. Ladies, pull out the granny panties when exercising! You will thank me later ;)

So that's my week so far. Time will tell for the scale. But in most other areas I feel good. Pretty in control and really enjoying seeing and feeling my body take on a new shape.

I'll be back tomorrow with my WI :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Little bit of that feeling coming back

Last week wasn't so great for me. Some emotional eating, a lot of sadness etc. This week I'm doing really well. Have some of that euphoria feeling from the first two weeks on program coming back. Well, right now I just feel really really tired. But before there was some euphoria :)

Yesterday I did resistance workout #1 from Tommy Europe's 10 lb Shred. I downloaded the Gymboss timer app for my iphone. I really wish that it was more editable. I tried to change the timer but then found out I couldn't just pick up where I left off, so I had to wait for ALL of my intervals to go through to catch up. That was annoying. But I finished. And it was better than nothing. Today my back and abs are feeling it a bit, so that's great. I'm thinking of waking up early tomorrow morning to get in resistance workout #2 because with a full day in Waterloo for work (hiring co-op students), the chances of me being able to work out plus prep for my class on Saturday is next to none. So if I work out tomorrow morning, that leaves tomorrow evening for marking and prep. Oh, the exciting life I lead!

So I am happy with the week and how it's going. I felt so much stronger in spin class today. The instructor like egged me on during one portion because I started to slow down. I'm glad to say that I pushed it out. She also said I was improving. AND...I swear my ass doesn't look as big on those tiny seats as it used to :) Still the biggest person in that room, but if I keep going, it won't always be that way.

I'm a little worried about Thursday because I have to get up super early, which usually means little to no breakfast. But I wonder if I can take my oatmeal in my thermos? Is that possible? Hmmm, something to think about. Then, lunch is something out. My manager already told me not to pack a lunch, because we're going to expense something. The good thing? She's a stick. She eats really well, so that's motivation. But more than that it's just going to be a very long day with potential unexpected food situations with WI on Friday.

Also, I am watching the US election. Holy crap. Come on Obama!!!! I'd be so scared to be a woman in the US if Romney won. Even with our Conservative government I don't have that fear because despite the length of time Harper's been in power, I think he's too afraid of our liberal leaning country to take away women's rights or open up the abortion debate again. I can't believe that the US is willing to take a step backward 50 years. Come on people...the country was in a can one person undo 8 years of destruction in only 4 years?? But I am not going to get into it, because I will admit that politics are not my forte, Canadian or American. Just hoping for a democratic win down south. Moroccan comes home on Saturday! Presents and my Moroccan?? Awesome day :) That means I have some primping to do Friday/Saturday, which includes my very first brazilian! God I'm scared. It just sounds so painful! Ugh...the things we do ;)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Let's turn that crap around

3rd on program WW WI...down 1.0 lb!!!!!!!!!! Friggin stoked about that. I am 1.2 lbs away from getting my 5%. I really really want that next week. Because once that's down, the next 5% puts me smack dab in the 140s and holy sh*t that'd be amazing! Cause then it's only  2 x 8lbs away from goal. I was smiling from ear-to-ear at my WI this morning. I worked really hard to get back on track after my Sat-Sun blips. What's ironic is that on Sunday I didn't even go over my daily PP target...I just ate crap and felt like crap. Saturday was just a gong show that I have no desire to repeat.

So let's look back at this week and figure out what I did. I did get in some activity. About 3 days. I say "about" cause I am not sure I should count Monday. On Monday I didn't have as much time as I thought I would after work and the trip to get new light bulbs for my kitchen, so I did probably about 15-20 minutes of lower body toning work. Nothing too crazy. Tuesday I did spin Even the instructor was dying...that's saying something. I totally didn't want to go, but I knew what would happen if I didn't. I felt so awesome when I was done (never during...during always sucks, lol).

Wednesday I got called to supply teach so my nicely planned out evening of a healthy quesadilla with level 2 of the 30 day shred went out the window. I had a take out burrito instead for like 11 wasn't even that can a burrito be bland?? It doesn't seem possible, but there you go. I got home at almost 10 pm. I was not going to work out...after working like a 10 hour day, sorry, nope. But, I did set my alarm early and Thursday I got up at 7 am and Ms. Jillian and I met over level 2 of her shred. Killed me just like last time...good times. I felt so good about that. It set me up for the rest of the day and complemented the healthy choices I had been making throughout the week.

So my week could have been better...I had a lot more initially planned, especially in terms of activity. But what I take away from this week is the decisions I made. This week's meeting topic was about decisions (food decisions, but still)...and so looking back at the decisions I made I am happy with my progress and my 1.0 lb loss. I stuck with my decision to stay OP even though getting called to teach threw a wrench in my plans. I persevered in finding a meeting I could attend on Thursday night because I knew I had to come to work early today and couldn't stay for my meeting, and the one I was going to go to on Wednesday I couldn't because of the teaching. But it was important for me to be in that room with the support and tell people that I ate two dinners on Saturday, and just ground myself in other people's stories. This had me trekking all the way out to Jane/Bloor for godsakes. That's determination, lol.

So what about next week? Well, I have already pointed out my dinner of pizza tonight. That's my last "splurge" before my bf comes home. Sunday might be difficult because I am volunteering at the Royal Winter Agricultural fair, and that's fair food, including a baked apple blossom that is amazing. To combat anything that may happen I need to up my activity. So I am going back to a training book I bought last year by Tommy Europe. It has great resistance and cardio workouts to help do overall body shaping and strengthening. He focuses on high intensity workouts and I know those work for me. That and spin class should keep me going!

Have a fantastic weekend!