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Friday, 16 November 2012


Hit my 5%!! For the like 10th time, but whatever, it feels new :) Not only did I hit it, I exceeded it by 1 lb, for a total loss of 1.4 for this week. I think I have finally found the fitness-food balance. I may not be  hitting the gym 5 days a week, but the times I do exercise it's pretty intense (ahem, spin class I'm looking at you!) I also track my weekends, and during the week I find it pretty easy to stay within my daily target. So I am liking how this particular kick at things is going.

I am still trying to get a handle on weekends so I don't go overboard. This has always been my downfall, and I am still learning how to cope with them.

I've got a housewarming tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect in terms of food, so I need to plan my day to make sure there's plenty of room for surprises.

Have a great weekend!

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