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Friday, 2 November 2012

Let's turn that crap around

3rd on program WW WI...down 1.0 lb!!!!!!!!!! Friggin stoked about that. I am 1.2 lbs away from getting my 5%. I really really want that next week. Because once that's down, the next 5% puts me smack dab in the 140s and holy sh*t that'd be amazing! Cause then it's only  2 x 8lbs away from goal. I was smiling from ear-to-ear at my WI this morning. I worked really hard to get back on track after my Sat-Sun blips. What's ironic is that on Sunday I didn't even go over my daily PP target...I just ate crap and felt like crap. Saturday was just a gong show that I have no desire to repeat.

So let's look back at this week and figure out what I did. I did get in some activity. About 3 days. I say "about" cause I am not sure I should count Monday. On Monday I didn't have as much time as I thought I would after work and the trip to get new light bulbs for my kitchen, so I did probably about 15-20 minutes of lower body toning work. Nothing too crazy. Tuesday I did spin Even the instructor was dying...that's saying something. I totally didn't want to go, but I knew what would happen if I didn't. I felt so awesome when I was done (never during...during always sucks, lol).

Wednesday I got called to supply teach so my nicely planned out evening of a healthy quesadilla with level 2 of the 30 day shred went out the window. I had a take out burrito instead for like 11 wasn't even that can a burrito be bland?? It doesn't seem possible, but there you go. I got home at almost 10 pm. I was not going to work out...after working like a 10 hour day, sorry, nope. But, I did set my alarm early and Thursday I got up at 7 am and Ms. Jillian and I met over level 2 of her shred. Killed me just like last time...good times. I felt so good about that. It set me up for the rest of the day and complemented the healthy choices I had been making throughout the week.

So my week could have been better...I had a lot more initially planned, especially in terms of activity. But what I take away from this week is the decisions I made. This week's meeting topic was about decisions (food decisions, but still)...and so looking back at the decisions I made I am happy with my progress and my 1.0 lb loss. I stuck with my decision to stay OP even though getting called to teach threw a wrench in my plans. I persevered in finding a meeting I could attend on Thursday night because I knew I had to come to work early today and couldn't stay for my meeting, and the one I was going to go to on Wednesday I couldn't because of the teaching. But it was important for me to be in that room with the support and tell people that I ate two dinners on Saturday, and just ground myself in other people's stories. This had me trekking all the way out to Jane/Bloor for godsakes. That's determination, lol.

So what about next week? Well, I have already pointed out my dinner of pizza tonight. That's my last "splurge" before my bf comes home. Sunday might be difficult because I am volunteering at the Royal Winter Agricultural fair, and that's fair food, including a baked apple blossom that is amazing. To combat anything that may happen I need to up my activity. So I am going back to a training book I bought last year by Tommy Europe. It has great resistance and cardio workouts to help do overall body shaping and strengthening. He focuses on high intensity workouts and I know those work for me. That and spin class should keep me going!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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