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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Little bit of that feeling coming back

Last week wasn't so great for me. Some emotional eating, a lot of sadness etc. This week I'm doing really well. Have some of that euphoria feeling from the first two weeks on program coming back. Well, right now I just feel really really tired. But before there was some euphoria :)

Yesterday I did resistance workout #1 from Tommy Europe's 10 lb Shred. I downloaded the Gymboss timer app for my iphone. I really wish that it was more editable. I tried to change the timer but then found out I couldn't just pick up where I left off, so I had to wait for ALL of my intervals to go through to catch up. That was annoying. But I finished. And it was better than nothing. Today my back and abs are feeling it a bit, so that's great. I'm thinking of waking up early tomorrow morning to get in resistance workout #2 because with a full day in Waterloo for work (hiring co-op students), the chances of me being able to work out plus prep for my class on Saturday is next to none. So if I work out tomorrow morning, that leaves tomorrow evening for marking and prep. Oh, the exciting life I lead!

So I am happy with the week and how it's going. I felt so much stronger in spin class today. The instructor like egged me on during one portion because I started to slow down. I'm glad to say that I pushed it out. She also said I was improving. AND...I swear my ass doesn't look as big on those tiny seats as it used to :) Still the biggest person in that room, but if I keep going, it won't always be that way.

I'm a little worried about Thursday because I have to get up super early, which usually means little to no breakfast. But I wonder if I can take my oatmeal in my thermos? Is that possible? Hmmm, something to think about. Then, lunch is something out. My manager already told me not to pack a lunch, because we're going to expense something. The good thing? She's a stick. She eats really well, so that's motivation. But more than that it's just going to be a very long day with potential unexpected food situations with WI on Friday.

Also, I am watching the US election. Holy crap. Come on Obama!!!! I'd be so scared to be a woman in the US if Romney won. Even with our Conservative government I don't have that fear because despite the length of time Harper's been in power, I think he's too afraid of our liberal leaning country to take away women's rights or open up the abortion debate again. I can't believe that the US is willing to take a step backward 50 years. Come on people...the country was in a can one person undo 8 years of destruction in only 4 years?? But I am not going to get into it, because I will admit that politics are not my forte, Canadian or American. Just hoping for a democratic win down south. Moroccan comes home on Saturday! Presents and my Moroccan?? Awesome day :) That means I have some primping to do Friday/Saturday, which includes my very first brazilian! God I'm scared. It just sounds so painful! Ugh...the things we do ;)

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