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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Well crap

I've got the blues. This has resulted in not so conscious eating. I had a BIIIIIIIIG dinner out last night. It was amazing, and I am not feeling guilty for it because I made that conscious decision to go out for dinner with my friend and that's that. It was the wings later on that night (after appies, full pasta, and dessert) that I am not proud of. And the three cookies I ate this morning. And the extra helping of leftover chinese this afternoon. This is what I'd consider a binge for me. A little spaced out than perhaps the more typical definition of a binge, but anything that happens this close together for me is considered a binge because it was spontaneous and purely for emotional reasons because I am sad and bored and lonely.

I am trying to overcome it. I am going to grab some water and clean my apt and since it's already 6:30 at night I am so far away from being hungry I think I can stick with some fruit for dinner.

Tomorrow is early work day, so I'm off earlier...I have a grocery trip planned and I have to go to Canadian Tire to get new pot lights for my kitchen, then I will workout and make a healthy dinner. Good plan. Now to put it into action.

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