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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Off Track

This week has not been good. I hurt my back, which means no exercise, which also means I'm out of my routine and as explained before if you take me out of my routine bad things tend to happen. On top of my back work has been extremely stressful with 4 days of no internet and pissed off agents and students wanting every favour under the sun.

However, what is really bothering me is my seemingly inability to remain on pointe nutrition wise when my fitness is stalled. If I can't exercise, I have to make sure my nutrition is excellent. And it wasn't. I felt me coming apart a little bit at the seams. I was back to my old tricks where I know exactly what I'm doing wrong and I do it anyway. Multiple cookies on Tuesday? Yup (simple pleasure ones, but still), 1/4 of a loaf of lemon loaf on Wednesday? Yup. About 10 molasses crinkles cookies on Thurs-Friday? Yup. Big burger and fries from one of those gourmet places on Friday? Yup, did that too. Bigger portions at home...check, check check.

Why is it the moment one feels sick or not 100% food is the only friggin solution?? I know it's not just me. Lots of people go through this. WHY?? I bounced back a little on Friday. Veggies and portioned out homemade pizza. But last night's dinner was incredibly oily greek food. This morning I ate 4 (FOUR!!) blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. I normally have 2. Eff.

I was talking with my counsellor on Friday and she wants me to make a note every day of 1 good thing I say yes to, and 1 bad thing I say no to. Just one thing. So it's not so overwhelming.

Not sure I'm doing so well. It's very hard for me to see the positive, so this is a hard exercise for me.

Oh well, even though I had 4 pancakes today, I'm not going to pull the "tomorrow is another day" routine. I'm going to take it from the moment I ate those pancakes to make it better. I have my dinner planned, and I'm really not hungry for lunch. But maybe some greek yogurt and fruit, or a light sandwich. Then I am going to do a light workout cause I miss it.

Time to get back on track so all my hard work isn't for nothing.

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