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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Boredom post!

I hurt my back yesterday. I had my trainer workout and I think I forgot, or got tired, and didn't brace my core, especially when I was doing dead lift sumo squats. I noticed a twinge when I got back up to my apt, and by mid-day I was having trouble walking. This morning I was ok until I got out of bed. Then when it had to support my weight/body it got so bad I asked my bf to put on my socks for me. He just looked at me and was, Meg, stay home. You can barely walk, you can't even put on your socks. Work remotely. So that's what I'm doing. No sense being in extreme pain and not getting better. I changed my massage appt to 1 instead of 5 and (when I'm done here, lol) I will continue my work. Brilliant me got server access to my email and put remote desktop on my computer so I can access my systems at work. Le sigh...shoulda left well enough alone, lol. Overachiever over here :)

So back to my back. This is a chronic thing. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I was a competitive rifle shooter for 14 yrs. I hurt my back training one time (was out for like 6 months), and now it's pretty much chronic. Put that with repetitive stress injuries down my left side and I'm a mess! Especially when I have girl time I have to be very very careful about what I do and lift etc. It got a lot better after I lost weight, but sometimes it just goes. Yesterday was one of those times. I need to do more core and low back strengthening. I don't blame my trainer. I've done these exercises lots of times and she's always watching for my form. But if you don't brace your core then she can't really see that. It just sucks cause it derails my fitness. I might go swimming later today since it's low-impact.

In food news, I met with my nutritionist friend yesterday. She was fantastic, but damn it was depressing. Give up caffeine? Give up dairy? No. Sorry. I understand not going nuts, but I enjoy that stuff! I've cut out A LOT. After being schooled by my trainer I am trying to cut out any unnecessary sugar and "white" foods from my diet. But I like coffee. I like dairy. I like meat. Am I wrong to think I can still eat the foods I like and lose weight? I understand that it might not be as fast, but at least I'd be happy right? I don't eat fast food. I've cut out diet pop. I portion control everything. I just can't believe that my diet is THAT bad. But maybe she's on to something. I am going to have to learn to make concessions where I can. But I am not going to totally sacrifice what I enjoy.

On another note, measurements tomorrow! I'm really hoping for some serious numbers. Cause I know the scale is gonna slow down soon. I'm going to need to focus on other things when that happens.

Ok, back to work!

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