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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Need to intensify?

This is something I've been thinking about lately. Do I need to intensify my workouts? I can definitely eat cleaner, which I am trying to do (as a tip, if you're trying to eat clean, don't be persuaded to go to a Pakistani restaurant in Little India...and then, definitely don't eat chicken biryani, butter chicken, lamb kahari gosht, lamb chop, and naan......just sayin' was definitely coming back to say hello in the form of indigestion later that night).

My workouts are like this: 2 days a week I'm with my trainer. This is strength mixed with high intensity cardio bursts (think mountain climbers, burpees, skipping, etc.). Then I have 2-3 days of cardio. 30 mins each, with 1 steady state run, 1 sprint run, and 1 something else (elliptical or something). But to me, it really doesn't feel intense enough. I don't think I'm burning enough calories in my workouts, and then being confused when I don't see big changes in the 9 weeks since I've been back on track. Maybe I was expecting miracles? Probably. It's very common for me to have high expectations, of myself and those around me.

So I'm thinking of adding some butt cardio into my general scheme of things. A long time ago I downloaded Brazilian butt lift. I think I am going to add it to my trainer days (keeping my other cardio for the other days).

On the other hand...when is it too much? I read a very scary story of a woman whose body entered into starvation mode because she was exercising too much and not taking in enough calories. Now, I eat when I'm hungry (unless it's right before bed and I've eaten everything I planned...I will sometimes go to bed a lil bit hungry)...if I am hungry, I will not say, no I cannot eat, because I cannot spend the calories. That's not me. If I'm hungry, I eat. However, I am trying very very hard to make better choices when I am unexpectedly hungry. Fruit and veg etc. Having extra protein. So is this starvation mode thing a real thing? On average I eat about 1200-1400 calories per day. I'm 5 feet tall and 153 lbs. Is that enough for my body to survive (aka, get what it needs) and still lose weight? I'm trying to resist googling "starvation mode" cause really, I don't want to get conflicting information and if there's one way to get conflicting information it's to depend on the internet.

I guess the important thing to focus on is to be getting my daily nutrients in. Good oils, dairy, protein, fruit and veg in portion controlled amounts. And to up my protein when and if I do double workout days. It's still a concern for me though. I'm just so sick of how disproportionate I am from top to bottom. I have so much excess in my lower half that I look a mite ridiculous (IMO). Running and the elliptical are good, but I am really worried that I am not working hard enough. I'll have to ask my trainer about that.

Anyway...having an OP Sunday which is welcomed after my decidely OffP day I had yesterday (only dinner, but still). Have worked out (eff, I have shin splints btw! I need new shoes! But I had such a rotten experience last Friday at the Running Room that I didn't end up buying any!! Now I'm in pain cause I ran this morning, and I have my 5K race coming up :( I am going to have to find a sports doc in Toronto cause the GP I went to was useless).

Time to make dinner :)

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