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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Anger Issues

This is likely not news to my close friends and family, lol. But I do. I have anger issues. Today was my last session with my counsellor and I mentioned that the bf and I have been fighting a lot lately. And that I've had a lot of anger in the last several weeks about my weight loss. I don't have an outlet for my anger. So when small things happen (aka, a stupid comment from the bf, or a bad experience at the running room), I explode. I actually, in a sick twisted way, look forward to fighting with my bf cause I can yell and swear and get everything out. But that's not healthy. So it was my last free session with my counsellor. I only got 6 sessions cause it's through Warren Shapell through my bf's benefit package. But I think I want to continue seeing her. So because I started with her for weight loss issues, I'm gonna call back and request her for my anger issues.

We had our differences, but today I went over that with her. How I was feeling so much pressure from all sides (trainer, nutritionist, and counsellor) that I felt like a puppy who was being hit on her nose with a newspaper but had no reason why. So I think since I aired my grievances that we should be able to move forward positively.

What I also want to do is take this girls only kickboxing, MMA boot camp. I think I need to hit something, lol. I need to get this anger out. Regular exercise doesn't do that. But whenever I've done boxing etc., it's gotten some of the frustration out.

In running news, I went to a different Running Room location since the one I went to downtown Toronto sucked. Horrible experience. This one tried out 3 different pairs of shoes and told me the ones I was forced into at the other location are really too extreme for me. I bought a pair of Saucony and I have 30 days to try them out indoors to see if I like them. Going to go for a run tomorrow. I'm not expecting my shin splints to go away over night, but hopefully with proper shoes it will eventually go away.

Gotta keep the positivity coming :)

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