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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Happy Tuesday

Today is good (despite that bitty slice of red velvet cake I had...seriously, I need that cake out of my house!!) I feel happy and in control. Met the bf for lunch today. His lunch was leftover chinese food. My lunch? A tuna sandwich on dark rye bread with veggies and some light dip. Today was also a pretty special day for me cause I got my 2nd rose of this journey :) The deal I have with my bf is one rose for every 5lbs. So now I have 2! And I'm 4 lbs away from my next one.

I am trying to carry on the positive attitude thing. It was nice seeing the ticker on my blog go down. I want those 4lbs to go away so I can be out of the 20s! Getting closer to like 10-15 lbs from goal makes it a lot more real to me. I was 13lbs away the last time I went off track and gained it all back. I had a good workout with my trainer. Apparently drill sergeant has come out to play. Who likes bulgarian lunges and burpees? Not me, let me tell you! Especially after double pulse walking lunges!! Seriously, if you don't know what bulgarian lunges are, google and try them. Good luck. The hurt like a mofo! (seriously, mofo doesn't get a red squiggly line showing an incorrect word? Wow...go pop culture).

My dinner tonight is a chicken and shrimp stir fry with veggies and quinoa. No rice for me!

On a different note, I strained my right inner ankle and I may have a mild case of shin splints. I got fitted for shoes at the Running Room and will pick them up on Friday (3 cheers for pay day! lol). I'm really hoping that new shoes take away the running pain. I have my 5K coming up and I want to be able to train for it (and actually run it) without pain. We shall see. Right now it hurts to walk. I'm doing non-impact cardio this week to give it a rest. Lil bit annoying though.

Time to make dinner, fold some laundry, mark essays and then hopefully relax a bit!

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