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Saturday, 7 April 2012


I did a 5K run today without stopping! I've never done that before. There's a 5K function on the treadmill in my condo. I did walk for 5 minutes to warm up (didn't know there wasn't a warm-up attached to the 5K program)...then I jogged at 5.0 for 33 minutes (in total, 38 minutes, but I'm subtracting 5 mins for the warm-up). The last mile was rough, but the first 2.10 miles (aka 4ish kms I think) were good. I was singing along to AC/DC's Thunderstruck having a good time, lol.

So that's 4 days this week that I've worked out. Keeping in mind my horrendous eating this week, I need all the work outs I can get! I went crazy on Indian food last night. was sooooo good. I was dipping my naan in the butter chicken dish, lol. My bf kinda just sat and stared at me. I ignored him, lol. I haven't had Indian food in almost two months. Considering I used to hit the buffet every few weeks, my cutting down to one dinner in two months is pretty good. But I did go a little overboard. This is after a HUGE breakfast at Cora's. Never again. I felt so incredibly gross afterwards. I'm getting kinda turned off their breakfasts. They're huge and they don't do good things to me afterwards. Good lesson :)

I am weighing in tomorrow cause I have Easter dinner tomorrow, so that's one more slightly large meal. I'm making it myself, but I'm not gonna lie, I never tone it down for the holidays. I have always (even when hard core on WW) done what I want to do on holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are my top ones. I grew up with huge family dinners and celebrations. To not do anything, or to do something half assed doesn't interest me. To me it's not properly living if I calorie count my holidays. If they only happen 3 times per year, I'm fine with that. Anyway, I'm not expecting a loss. Kinda expecting a gain with the food week I've had. But that's ok. I am using this week to re-evaluate what I'm doing and why I want to do it. Those motivation rocks I tracked down have started to lose importance. Even the roses from my bf when I lose 5lbs is kinda losing credence. So I need to bring those rewards back to the forefront and focus on them like I used to before I hurt my back.

This means removing the things that have been placed in front of my "pounds" jar...make it more prominent. And perhaps move the roses I've already gotten down off my bookshelf and onto something lower (I'm 5 feet tall, gotta bring it down to eye level! lol).

On a completely (like 360 degree) other topic...I'm getting a puppy! I've been wanting one for about 3 yrs, but have never been in the right situation to get one. I want a smooth miniature dachshund. Something that can handle living in a condo. I'm so excited!! I'm contacting breeders and think I have one in mind. She's super picky about who she sells to, and I like that she puts that much care into finding a home for her pups. I'm going to meet her in June at "Wienerfest" lol. Seriously, it's an all dachshund festival. Her pups are about $1100.00, so I've started saving already. By fall I'll have enough, with some leftover for supplies. I'm also reading up on the newest training techniques (my last dog was a golden retriever, and we were taught to train her with a choke chain...very happy those techniques are no longer popular). Not sure if my bf is totally on board, but seeing how I am going to be the one paying for her, taking care of her, etc., I don't really care what he thinks (you know, just how he gave me so much thought when he invited his parents to Canada...not that this is revenge, but still, the principle stands). So yay!! :)

Off to sleep. What is it nowadays, 11pm and I'm dead? Is that like an age thing? Cause it sucks. I used to be a night owl. Adulthood sucks, lol.

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