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Monday, 26 March 2012

WI 5

I started today out great. Good WI. Enough of a kick in the pants to shed those negative feelings I've been having. Work was hard. Had some rough spots that took up way too much of my time and energy with no real solution/resolution. What throws me is how a student can be all smiley and happy and chatty at school and then turn around and tell their mother that they want to go home? I don't get it. I worked my butt off for that student and while she was in NYC she met her mother and apparently her mother called her agent and complained about the school and that she didn't feel comfortable sending her daughter back to Canada. It felt like a giant slap in the face. We did EVERYTHING for her. She was happy and friendly and didn't complain, except about her accommodation which we fixed. Kills me that after everything she wanted to leave. I have a thankless job and this is why I miss teaching so much.

Ok, rant over. Then our internet died, so that's an expensive technician visit. Then I found out my boss invented a conversation in his head and is now blaming me for something I didn't do. It's not been a good day. At the end I was tired and I didn't want to go to the gym, but I went anyway. Don't want to get into that bad habit of feeling down and skipping my workouts.

I did a 30 min walk on the treadmill. Wait, you may ask, what, a walk??! WTF?? No, this was an incline walk. My trainer told me to pick a brisk pace and keep upping the incline (1 full increment) every 1.5 mins. Holy friggin god. I started with a pace of 3.9 and only lasted like 7 mins before I dropped it to 3.8. I think I ended finishing at 3.6 or 3.7 with an incline of 13. My calves burned, my inner thighs burned, my lungs felt like they were going to explode and I was sweating profusely. Not really the easy workout I was imagining. Gives me a nice break from running which I was getting kinda bored with. My trainer says it's cardio that also builds muscle, but damn!

Food is also back on track. Though I wasn't so keen on my dinner. I didn't oil the casserole dish (or I should have put tin foil down), so I made looneyspoons enchiladas and the bottoms stuck to the dish :( I only got half my enchilada. Also, that recipe took frickin forever and by the time it was done I wasn't even hungry! Sigh. I hate that. Not really satisfying.

Apparently the rant wasn't over, lol. Ok, one more. My bf still isn't home :( By the time he does get home I'll have to go to bed cause it's a trainer day tomorrow. Sigh. We never get to connect anymore.

Ok, now my rant is over! I swear! Here's to a better Tuesday :) Ooooh! I forgot. I have a meeting tomorrow with my friend who is training to be a nutritionist. She's gonna develop a food plan for me :) Excited.

Down 1.2. Very happy with that. I am gonna post more later, but I just wanted to update my stats/milestones, cause that's also 5% gone!! Next one is 10% :)

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