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Monday, 27 February 2012

First WI Back On :)

Down 4.4! Got to take 44 rocks out of my pounds jar and I put 43 of them in my lost jar...I kept one as a talisman. I don't care that this is normal in the first back of being on track and exercising. Water weight and all that crap...but I don't care. A loss is a loss. It's putting me on a good path to succeed.

To top that off, today, despite feeling like crap, I went to the gym and ran 20 mins at 4.5 (slow I know, but good for me) and stopped only twice...once for 1 min, and once for 30 seconds...then I ran two extra minutes at the end to make up for it. I was talking to my trainer and she wants me to go slower, but sustain it. I don't get to do intervals for a month. I was scared to try it. I don't have very good endurance. But today was a nice surprise. My breathing was totally even, no breathlessness, it was just my legs that got a little tired, and frankly that's wussing out. I was quite happy at the end.

So today was a good day :) Let's keep it going.

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