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Saturday, 25 February 2012

2 days till WI

I just want it to be Monday. I hate weekends. Somehow it feels shameful to say that, lol. But I do. Well, at least, there is a part of me that hates weekends. No routine, the feeling of indulgence, a bf who likes to eat out...that doesn't equate weight loss success. So sue me if I just wish the weekend was over.

I snuck a peek at the scale on Friday. I was down 3 lbs from Monday. But I've decided that the official WI will be Monday. That adds a lot of stress to the weekend, to keep on track. There was a reason why I previously had my WI on Friday. But I need that accountability I guess. I want those rocks!!!

I am also going to be entering into week 2 with my trainer, Trudie. I was so mad that I got sick this week. The workouts weren't near as intense as they should have been since I was sick. I am still sick. It sucks. But I am pushing through it. I like my trainer. She seems like the right mixture of tough-love. She's preparing a lot of lower body work, and then I am responsible for cardio on the other days. So far, I've done 4 days this week, and I'm pretty happy with that. I'm also tracking religiously on and on Monday night I'll send her my meals for the week.

Now time to find lunch. I'm thinking 1 slice of a tuna melt. Unfortunately my breakfast kinda bit a hole in my day. Like 500 calories for pancakes...yikes. So I'm going to count out my tuna with the Dimplfemeier bread and a little bit of cheese and see what happens. That, water, and some veggies and I should be good.

Here's to weekend accountability.

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