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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I have a secret burning desire...

I want to join a hip-hop class. I don't know why. I am not what you would call coordinated. In fact, I'm as clumsy as all get out. Like, I walk into walls because I underestimate how much space I need (or where the wall is, lol). But for the past year or so, I've had this desire to dance. It's one of the things I wish I could do. There are two big things that I wish I could do: 1) Sing and 2) Dance. I LOVE all those reality shows especially like the Voice or Idol and wish I could do that so bad. Well, I can't sing...there is no hope for that. Horrible tune. Runs in my family. But maybe dancing is something I could do. And why hip-hop? No idea. It looks cool? Pretty sure it wouldn't with me doing it, lol.

I think that I am going to make that a fitness goal. When I get smaller, I want to sign up for hip-hop class. Something very very beginner. I think it'd help my self-esteem.

On another note...I desperately want to move rocks from my "pounds" jar to the "lost" jar. I put my motivation rocks on my tv stand. Especially since I've been sick, I've been staring at those rocks a lot. I was going to take one of the rocks out and carry it with me as a sort of talisman. But then I figured it'd be cheating. I can't take them out until I've earned it. So I have to wait until Monday when I've weighed myself and hopefully get to take some of those rocks out. Then I am going to carry one of them with me in my pocket. When I have a temptation I can hold on to something tangible versus something I can't feel and is only in my head. I can argue very well against myself. That's harder if you're holding on to something that is physical proof of what you're trying to do.

Sigh...this journey had better have a light at the end of the tunnel pretty damn quick.

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