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Sunday, 15 January 2012

When carbs attack....

Sigh. 6.5 days without bread or processed grains of any variety, and today I caved. For breakfast it was my regular eggs and fruit with tea. Then bf and I went grocery shopping. Guess what made it into the cart? Those Pilsbury crescent things. The bf loves them. Especially with cheese. So I made them when I got home, but he had to go out suddenly to meet someone for some freelance work and I am left with these warm, soft, and oh so inviting crescent rolls. I ate 2 with my Smuckers no sugar added jam. No, wait...damn, I ate 3 of them! I ate one as they came out of the oven, and 2 after my lunch :( My lunch was good, a large fajita salad (green salad with my leftover fajita mixture with 1 tbls greek yogurt and salsa, and maybe 0.5 oz of cheese, it was really good). But after lunch, I'm sitting's away, no workout to distract me (rest day), and what happens? Two pieces of light rye bread find their way into the toaster, then covered in jam, and into my mouth. Still unsure of how that happened. All control went out the window. Oh, and I also had a friggin coke. A real one, not diet or coke zero.

I'm not sure how I feel right now (other than full). Am I pissed? Ya, a little bit. Am I guilty? Probably. I think how I feel will depend on how the rest of the day goes, and how I continue the week tomorrow. The bf is making Moroccan lentils today. Not really sure what that is, but Moroccan food isn't known for being overly fatty. However, tomorrow is back 100% to my 17 DD.

I think what just happened is a result of my routine being on hold (the weekend), and lack of supervision. That sounds funny, but if my bf was here, I wouldn't have eaten those rolls or the toast. He's  all on-board, and I wouldn't have wanted to deal with his questions about what I was eating.

So the question is, how does one deal with breaks in routine and lack of accountability?

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