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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Week 1 of Insanity DONE!!

Holy crap. I never thought I'd make it! I have never worked out 6 days in a row before. Never. I am so proud of myself! Also, yes, the workout still killed me, but the warm-up was easier to get through, and the first and second round of the first set of exercises was a little bit easier. However, I still had to pause with 12 minutes left to catch my breath. I had some trouble completing all exercises in the last circuit. You essentially do everything 3 times, starting at a lower intensity then building up for each circuit. After the warm-up and the first round of exercises, I had some trouble. But, I did notice that I could do some real push ups this time, which was nice.

I also think this is largely a mental game. I was wearing my HRM, and I never got close to my redline number. I was consistently high in my "zone", like pushing the boundaries on that, but nothing close to my maximum. I suppose that's good right? From what I've read, you're supposed to be in your "zone" range for ultimate calorie and fat burning. However, it also shows that I wasn't working out as hard as I thought, lol. I could push it a little further. I think my biggest problem is that A LOT of the exercises, as in like all of them, use the lower body to power them. My lower body is my weakest's the part that needs the most work, so it gets tired really quickly. Sometimes my legs just give out and I have to stop. I guess only time will improve that. That, and pushing past my mental block : )

Food is good. However, I am going to have pho for dinner (Vietnamese noodle soup). Noodles and beef, two items that aren't on my food list. But it's not pizza. It's not pasta. It's not a lot of things that I would normally be chowing down on right now. Plus, I'm going ice skating! Insanity Day 6 and skating?? I think I can enjoy a little pho!

Have a great weekend and be strong!

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