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Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 5 - Still Going

Day 5 was good. Nice and busy at work, which means I wasn't bored and wanting to eat. I was completely OP today except the fat free vanilla creamer I put in my coffee that someone bought for me. I work in a field where I need to entertain agents etc., to bring business to my school. If an agent brings me a coffee, I'm gonna drink it! I like being busy, because then I don't focus on my stomach and food. However, the one downside is that I may not notice my stomach, but I also forget to drink my water and green tea. Catch-22 apparently :)

When I got home I rested a bit then did day 5 of Insanity...Pure Cardio. Holy hell. It was an intense 20 minute warm-up (though I did notice that I am getting better in that), and then 20 minutes of kick me down, beat me up, then drag me behind a horse style of cardio with NO BREAKS! No breaks. None! Ugh. To make matters worse, my bf was home (the one Friday he doesn't hang out with friends). Didn't really feel like I could swear, and/or cry with him in the room. Open concept condos suck, let me tell you!

One thing that I am going to do to make this better is replace the battery in my heart rate monitor. I read a review of someone who did this workout and she wore her HRM so that when she was getting close to the redline it would notify her. That'd help keep me on track and keep my pace steady and let me know when/if I am in danger. I'd like more consistency. But also, it's week 1. I can't expect miracles here. Keep going and I'm sure it won't continue to feel like I'm about to explode.

I have to say, this eating plan is far easier to follow than I would have thought. Still no cravings. I really wanted fajitas, or something that wasn't grilled chicken and steamed veggies lol. Fajitas and tacos etc to me feel like "junk food", something easy and yummy on a Friday. So I made fajitas with lots of chicken, red, green, and yellow peppers, with the packaged mix (probably high in sodium, but I drink lots of water), then rolled portions of the mixture in iceberg lettuce leaves. Yummy, satisfying, and totally within my eating plan. I was very excited about that : )

I'm now enjoying a cup of candy cane lane tea (sooo good!) with some stevia and a splash of 1% milk.

Tomorrow I start my winter term at Humber. Ugh, 6:00 am wake up on a Saturday, not cool. $61/hr? Much better : ) Gotta make sure I have enough time for breakfast, then pack my snacks. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail : )

Have a great weekend!

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