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Thursday, 19 January 2012


Hello, where you? Like the intense motivation I had two weeks ago. I'm still motivated, but not the burn-all carbs-I-love-vegetables motivation I had when I started. I know that intense motivation often fades. I still track and plan my meals. I am still exercising. Today is cardio recovery on Insanity. I chose to eat dinner first and then do it cause it's not as hard core as the others that I have to do on a near empty stomach so I don't puke. I am worried about longevity. This is obviously something I have a problem with. It's only been two weeks and I feel that I am slipping. Little tastes and cheats here and there.

Yesterday I had a KFC original crispy sandwich, fries, and a Dr. Pepper. I only had half of the sandwich and half of the drink, but still. I think I have narrowed in on my main problem. If I break my routine, I cheat. For example, yesterday I woke up and my eye was really bothering me, so I left work early to go to a walk-in clinic. I knew, in light of our great Canadian health care system, that I'd be waiting for a while. The last time I went to that clinic I waited 2 hours before I saw the dr. I took my lunch with me, to eat at home later. But as I was walking to the clinic, I had to pass through one of those great underground food courts so prevalent in downtown Toronto and I started to think, "I'm hungry. I can't wait until I get home. I may not get home for another 2-3 hours. All I have for a snack are some carrots and pepper slices", and bam, I found myself in the KFC line up ordering a chicken burger.

It's the break in my routine. If I had still been at work, I would have been quite content to eat my chicken and veggies, drink my green tea, maybe have my apple with peanut butter later. But I wasn't at work. I was out in the real world at a time when I should have been somewhere else. It didn't go well. So my question is, how do you deal with those breaks in routine? Each "slip" I've had in the last two weeks, (and there haven't been a lot), has been when my routine has changed. Weekends, breaks from work, etc. How does one deal with that?

That and continuing my motivation are what I'm dealing with right now. With New York looming on the horizon, I'm a little worried. Suggestions?

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