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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 4 - Lil bit Cranky

It may be the lack of sugar/caffeine/carbs, but I am a little bit cranky. I did day 4 of Insanity Cardio "Recovery"...I'm putting that in " " because it's not killer killer, but damn it's still hard! A lot of lower body stuff, which is good, for me I guess.

I also didn't get enough sleep last night. The bf has this compulsion to turn on every light in the house and clomp around in his shoes when he gets home at 11:30 at night and I'm already in bed and have already texted him about please being quiet when he comes home...but does he listen? Ever? NOOOOOO, course not. You don't want to wake me me. I am that hibernating bear that will bite your head off if you interrupt my sleep. Couple that with my diet and exercise regime, and things are not going to be pretty. So we got into a mini-argument...he thought I was being bitchy, I thought he was being an inconsiderate jack-ass. Short story long, I didn't get to actually asleep until like 1. Not cool.

It's also about the time (for me anyway) when the honeymoon period of the aforementioned diet and exercise regime starts to fade away. Ya, it's only been 4 days, but the novelty is starting to wear off, and now it's time to find the motivation from within to just dig deep and get 'er done. This is where I usually fail. I am holding strong so far. I have my WI tomorrow. I am contemplating changing my WI day to Sunday since that's my "rest" day for Insanity (like, seriously this time, not that excuse for rest in the "Recovery" video), and it will also be a true week since I started everything. Fridays are my WW WI, so I'm gonna do it tomorrow (just to see), and then do it again on Sunday for real.

Time for dinner! Marinated chicken with salsa (supposed to be homemade salsa, but I really don't see that happening tonight, lol)...then some steamed veggies to use up my cauliflower and broccoli. Tomorrow is Day 5 of Insanity...back to the grind!

Be strong :)

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