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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 3

Going strong :) Food good, workout, killer, but good. I feel capable and ready to continue. One hiccup in the plan is that my company wants to send me to NYC for a week. I've never really done well with exercising and eating on the road. My Insanity videos are on my computer (I can even transfer them to my Playbook for easier portability), so I can still do that in my hotel room, but food....oh the food. I'll be with colleagues, and it will be a completely different schedule than what I am used to. Just not sure how to plan for that.

I have to say, that yes, it's only day 3 out of my first 17 DD cycle, but the only thing I am really missing is coke, lol. Coke zero even since I didn't really drink regular coke. I'm not so much missing the bread or other carbs, but my pop...yup, that's a craving I have. I have always had a coke addiction, and I kinda went cold turkey here without realising that I couldn't have naturally or artificially sweetened things. Oh well, what is more important, filling my craving or getting to goal??

I almost caved today. My co-worker got pop chips from the vending machine (that's her idea of junk food, lol), and I could smell them....I could taste them...I wanted them. So I asked if I could have one. I took 1.5 chips and then my other co-worker was like, "no, don't eat that! You don't want that, put it down!" The chip co-worker was like, "whatever, it's two calories, no biggie", and the rescue co-worker was like, "it doesn't matter! She's been so good, and if she eats them she'll just be mad at herself!" So I surrendered the 1.5 chips to the rescue co-worker. She was right. Even 1.5 chips would have made me mad at myself. I read somewhere that saying "no" to food is like a muscle...if you don't exercise it, it'll never get strong. Each time I say no, I strengthen my resistance muscle, and that just means success will be faster...probably not easier, but definitely faster.

Tomorrow is Insanity day 4...cardio recovery. Thank god. Was back to alternating between wanting to puke and cry tonight, so a touch easier will be nice. Plus, some very interesting areas of my body are hurting pretty badly.

Have a great night, be strong!

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