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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 2


Just finished day 2 of Insanity....





It was 40 minutes long...and for about half of it I alternated between wanting to either puke or cry...ok, sometimes I was near to doing both at the same time! It was INSANE (umm, I guess hence the name?? lol). However...I finished it. I never gave up. I may have been panting in the prone position on my living room rug for some parts of it, but eventually I got up (each time) and I kept trying. I am proud of that. I yelled, I grunted, I swore (seriously, I was like a she-demon)...which puts the kibosh on doing this workout early in the morning. Don't think the bf would be too pleased to be woken up at 6:30 am to me swearing and yelling from the living room! To be fair, I live in a teeny tiny condo, so the living room is right outside the bedroom. I also don't think I'd have the energy to do it in the morning. You need fuel in your body to do this.

On the eating cheating! No oopsies! I had a planned venti skinny caramel macchiato (160 calories) because I got my Starbucks birthday card and I wanted to use it. So I planned it, tracked it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now for my BBQ chicken (marinated in fat free italian dressing), and steamed cauliflower and broccoli seasoned with garlic and salt and pepper with a tiny bit of shaved parmesean. So far I am not really missing my carbs. Usually even by day 2, I am missing my bread, pasta, and potatoes. I seem to have a different mind set this time. I fill up on my veggies (I even have back-up raw veggies in case I can't finish my cooked veggies), lots of water and green tea, fruit, and probiotic yogurt. 2 days down, 15 more to go until I get good grains again :)

I'm content and happy, which is awesome. I feel so good about how I'm doing and have no desire for bad food. I'm going to keep this going!!

Bring on Day 3!! Have a great one, be strong!


Day 2 is going well. Filling breakfast (had to split it up and take it to work with me, I couldn't finish it all at home). Had a bit of an oopsie last night...I bought homemade lobster dip in December with the plan to use it at Christmas but i forgot it when I went back home. It cost $21 for this tiny jar and it kept staring at me whenever I opened the fridge. I caved. Ate about 1/4 of the jar with saltine crackers. I gave the res to my bf, but still. I couldn't waste the money, I just couldn't.

Today is a new day. First real day for Insanity, so I'll update later with those results.

Have a great day!

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