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Sunday, 6 November 2011

First week back OP

So...first week back. Did pretty well Monday-Friday. Lost 4.4 lbs. I know that most of that is water weight, but whatever...I'll take it.

Friday was when it started to unravel. I held a staff appreciation lunch for my admin and teaching staff. Catered sandwiches, salads, and 3...count em 3 desserts! I only supplied one of those, then two teachers each brought cake! I didn't want to offend either of them, so I took a small bit of each.

Anyway, it was like that lunch was the key to open the flood gates. I got Swiss Chalet for dinner....mmmmm, festive special! Saturday I had an egg and cheese mcmuffin and a double double. Lunch was chicken fingers and potato wedges. Dinner was pasta (tortellini) with chicken, with some Lays Kettle Chips (mesquite) thrown in for good measure as a snack. Oh, plus an orange crush. Today was a breakfast bagel...preogies (spelling), and some apple blossom thing. I feel so bloated and that I just wasted my first weekend back.

There is no longer any bad/tempting food in my house. Tomorrow I will stock up on fresh produce and decent grains. If I prep everything properly, there should be no more backsliding like this weekend.

I've heard this is common....falling apart on the weekends. Part of it is lack of routine. There is also that sense of relaxation and sense of entitlement. But here's the question...what do I feel entitled to eat bad food? Why is there no sense that I am entitled to work out and feel good about myself? What do I need to do to switch the trigger from food to other things? That is my constant struggle.

My goal for this week? Re-read/finish reading The Beck Diet Solution because it has a lot of great cognitive information it that was really helpful when I was looking at it last year. My issues are psychological (that's saying a lot eh??) so I am going to work through the Beck program and see what happens.

Now...for my real relaxation that doesn't involve food...bubble bath with my goats milk foam bath!! (oh, and you know how people say to take a bath to curb temptations cause you can't eat in the bath? Ya, that's not can totally eat in the bath...not proud of it, but in my old life I've eaten everything from cookies to nachos (yes nachos) in the tub! Ugh. Hint? Hold the item over the edge so the crumbs don't land in the water...sigh...I hate that I know that!)

I'm off for a bubble bath sans food! Have a great Sunday!!

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