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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Well...I went back

To weight watchers that is. I can't do meetings because my schedule won't allow for it, so I signed up for the online program. I was hesitant in doing this since I'm essentially paying for tracking and I could get that for free at myfitnesspal. However...I think I needed a monetary incentive. I need to reminders to weigh in, and the slight pressure of wasting something I've paid for.

A few months ago I dropped Weight Watchers. Didn't feel as though the new plan was working for me. I probably didn't give it much chance. Since my first and second successful forays into WW I kinda did the plan 1/2 or 3/4 when I did do it. This kept me around the 145 range. After I lost my first amount of weight, I lost the commitment I guess. I've been feeling pretty lousy lately. Clothes not fitting the same, extra jiggle in my walk. Today, on a whim, I stepped on the scale........

159 lbs......

I am up almost 15lbs in the last 6 months I guess. Holy crap. That had my literally running to my computer to sign up for WW Online. Half-assed does not cut it. Giving in to stress and eating a chocolate bar doesn't cut it. I cannot do moderation. If I have a little bit, I have it all. I've never learned the moderation rule. Time to exercise some "wantpower" instead of "willpower". Tracking and exercise work...this is not a difficult equation.

I need to follow through on my commitment and get to where I want to go and stop just waiting for it to happen to me and being pissed off and unhappy when it doesn't.

Weigh-in is this Friday. Wish me success (luck has nothing to do with something I have full control over!)

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