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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Don't you hate it when...

The gym is freaking busy?? On the day your motivation is riding high and you really want to work out and there is not one machine available...not one! This is my condo gym, not a big corporate one or anything, but still. I think that they could have made our gym bigger...we have two buildings sharing one set of amenities and it only has 3 treadmills, with only 2 of them being operational right now. Gah...I hate it when this happens!! I still have my runner's high from Sunday and I am determined to make it continue till tomorrow.

I am also tracking my food...I'm 115 calories over my daily intake :( Damn lasagana-esque dinner I had. It was really yummy though, and I had veggies with it :) I had anticipated eating only half of the regular serving, but it looked really big on my plate, so I'm thinking that I may have actually measured out closer to the full serving, so I counted the full serving calories. Le sigh to being accountable.

Work is stressful as always...but I am more determined to not let that dictate what I eat. I turned down McDonalds and banana bread today. Repeatedly. That's progress :)

Here's hoping the gym's not busy tomorrow morning!

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