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Friday, 22 April 2011

up up up


Up again. What is my excuse this week? There was the dinner at East Side Mario's at 10 pm last night (Thursday), cause my bf is going away for the long weekend, and he just won his soccer playoffs from his winter league, so we were celebrating I suppose. This is in addition to everything I ate throughout the day...tim bits, tiramisu, bread and cheese (my school had a world trade fair, we had lots of food from different parts of the world, it was really fun :) ), oh and then chips that a co worker brought me, and then the spicy crispy chicken sandwich combo from Wendy's that my amazing receptionist bought for me cause it was my last day at my current job. Oh, and then the chips I had at home while waiting for the dinner with my bf.

Well, holy ever loving crap....I just wrote a PARAGRAPH about what I ate in ONE day. Wow. I was OP for M-W, but Thursday was a gong show. I also only did day 1 and 2 of the Tommy Europe 10PS. See previous post about pain, lol.

But, I turned it around. I did TWO of the 10PS workouts today. The cardio I missed from Wednesday, and the resistance I missed from Thursday. Just gotta hit my resistance from what should have been today, and I will be back on track. I felt amazing during and after my workout. The pain from my legs went away (for the most part), and I was sweating, and grunting, but I felt great. This is good news :)

But seeing a 3lb gain on my scale this morning still frickin sucked. Lots of sodium high food and not a lot of water, and a very late high carb saucy dinner will result in a gain. Gotta pull it together for the weekend. My problem is snacking...especially at night. Movies and crunchy salty things seem to go hand in hand. Plus, my bf is away, so I have no one to curtail me...which means I have to use my own determination....ya, let's see how that goes, lol.

Happy long weekend :)

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