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Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Reward System!!

I suck at rewards..seriously. I never do them. I set goals, and when I reach them, I don't follow through on the rewards. Mainly a financial thing. I have expensive tastes...massages, facials, lululemon, etc, not really cheap stuff here. So my goals feel anti-climatic most of the time.

Anyway...I have been lusting over the Michael Kors white ceramic glitz watch for a year now (see above, pretty right??), but it's like $400. *gulp*...anyway...I was thinking today, what if I made like a type of weight loss savings plan? Put a certain amount of money away so that when I get to the reward stage, I can actually do it. I am going to try this for a month...put $10/day for every day I am OP. And I mean, really OP, with food AND exercise. As I was sitting here cramming chips into my mouth, because my next WI seems so far away, I got to thinking that I need my goals to be a little more present. And, I am not gonna go out and spend $400 on a watch that I don't deserve. At the end of the month I could have $280 in my savings...that's half way to my reward :) And think of how much closer I would be to my goal with all that OP-ness?

My ultimate goal is 130. When I reach 130 I will buy myself the Michael Kors white ceramic glitz watch, with the money I saved. I will follow my 10PS to the letter and stop frickin slacking on the weekends. I am in the only person standing in the way of my goals...time to remove that obstacle.

Time to throw out my impulse buy chips and get back on the wagon...even with 2 more days of weekend left :)

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