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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pain is Fear Leaving the Body...

I have to believe this. My legs are KILLING me!! I did the 10PS day two yesterday. Meal plan and work out. The workout wasn't that bad actually. You have to do 3 sets of 8 exercises. There are even breaks built in. I didn't use the breaks until half way through the 2nd set. I think my legs are still smarting from the emphasis on squats from the fitness test. Today is supposed to be my cardio day...but I huuuuuuuuurt. I know it's just a build up of lactic acid, and that movement helps, but it's really hard getting that knowledge to my aching muscles.

I just ate dinner (chicken quesadilla and veggies), so in like an hour and a half I'll see how I feel and maybe cram it in. I can't fall off the wagon 2 days in!! The cardio I think is only like 30 mins. So either I do it tonight, or I pull on my big girl panties and go tomorrow morning before work, and then hit my resistance work out tomorrow after work. plan is out there...someone hold me to it!!

OH...I also need to do my measurements. Before this gets any farther. That and some pictures. Gotta get on that.

Ugh...have to make tiramisu. We're having like a world trade fair at my school tomorrow, and each class is a different country. Guess which one is mine? btw, $20 for marscapone cheese??? Not cool.

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