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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tommy Europe Challenge/Commitment!

So I was thinking today that I really need to advertise my fitness and meal plan that I am starting next week. I am going to do Tommy Europe's 10 Pound Shred for the full 31 days, and I am going to post weekly status reports, including (as soon as I figure out how) before, during, and after pictures, and pictures of my meals (that's going to take some planning...not sure the bf knows I have a blog, and it might look weird if I start taking pictures of our food!) I always start these challenges (I was on a 30 DS one not too long ago), but there was zero accountability. From the beginning I said that this blog would be about here it is.

Sometime this weekend I will post my "before" stats. I will also post reviews on the workouts and the meal plan.

My biggest commitment for this challenge? Making sure I get in my workouts. This is my pledge...if I can't do it after work, I will suck it up and get up early and do it in the morning (gah, that one stings a bit). My biggest problem in fulfilling this challenge? Being hungry when I get home from work (that and my 45 min+ commute that kills me). So it's going to require some extra planning, and I need to make time for that.

Here goes nothing :) Anybody else interested in doing a fitness challenge for the next 31 days?? Let me know!

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