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Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday WI

I gained. Up 1 lb. That is the second gain in two weeks. Of course I know the cause. I am not going to feign ignorance here. I have been creative in using my points, and I haven't exercised. But, I am having a problem with my WW plan right now, and this is something that I have seen echoed (repeatedly) on the boards.

Just because something is "within points" does not mean we (ok, I) should be eating it. Along with many other things, this is one of my issues with my weight loss and with WW. I know that WW is a lifestyle, and therefore you have to learn about moderation, because you're not honestly going to forswear chocolate cake, or ice cream, or fried food. However, I am beginning to think that there is way too much flexibility on WW. My journey is taking forever, because there is no fear anymore. I slip and hit up McDonalds? No biggie, I have the points for that.

I need the fear again. When I first started I tracked everything. I was so stringent. As I am sure most/all people are when they first start. But now, especially since I get 29 points, and that's the lowest I can go, there is so much freedom that I can slip up HUGE and still be within my daily points. And when that happens two or three days a week, it doesn't frickin matter that I am "OP" by being within my dailies, or weeklies, I am still shoving crappy food in my mouth and I am not going to lose weight that way.

I have to go back to the beginning. I am still going to follow Points+....for now. To be honest, I didn't have a problem with momentum...I still ate fruit, because I realised (on my own, gasp) that those little 1 point cakes and 100 calorie packs were a waste of points. I may have fudged a little when I was tracking it though. Like, tracking a small banana when I was probably eating a medium or something. So really, my points values didn't really change. Except for grains. That went up, but now I have the points for it, so I don't even try to curtail it like I did before. I'm not going to reduce my points the way some people have (to very bad results). But I am going to pull my old mentality back. Time to say good bye to fast food, and eating whatever I want when I eat out.

Just because I have the points DOESN'T MEAN I HAVE TO USE least not in that way. Time to go back to restricting myself. Cause this flexibility is not working for me.

In an update to my 10 Pound Shred (10PS) commitment, I have made my first week's shopping list. Big trip to No Frills on Sunday! (cause the sobey's in my building is FRICKIN expensive, wow). Need to plan out my workouts, and I'm ready to go.

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