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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Needing some Inspiration

I was totally on track prior to my big condo move. I tracked everyday, and made conscious decisions about what I put in my body. I let life interrupt my best laid plans. Again. This is my pattern. I am stopping it now. I am not going to let it continue. Today I essentially had 3 dinners (2 already eaten, with one planned later when bf comes home). I was hungry, so I had a snack. But I didn't listen to my hunger signs, I only listened to that little chubby girl inside me saying "mmmmm, nachos, go for it! you can track it!" I am going to track it (I even weighed out my cheese), but I didn't stop there. I also had a piece of pizza. Vegetarian, but still. I ate so fast that I didn't realise that I wasn't even hungry anymore. But I was "craving" and I gave in. Now, because I had that junk, I am going to have to pass on the good dinner that I have planned for then the bf comes home. I am really really full now, and as a punishment, I am forgoing my Moroccan chicken tagine :(

Stupid patterns that I totally recognise and then fail to do anything about. Not this time. All that junk is going in my tracker, and I am going to accept it, and I am going to start fresh, not tomorrow, but tonight. I am going to brush my teeth, drink LOTS of water, and close my kitchen for the evening.

I bought Tommy Europe's new 10 Pound Shred (or something close to that)...and I gotta say, it looks totally doable. I also have Jillian Michael's Making the Cut, but I found her meals waaaaaay too hard to follow. Especially for someone like myself and my intense pickiness. Tommy's meals look filling, and uses ingredients I recognise. Maybe cause his show is based in Canada? Some of the other meal plans etc. are really hard to follow because they are based on American ingredients that we just can't get here. The workouts also look doable. Intense, but after Jillian, he should easy! ok, maybe not easy, but at least I know the moves he's showing.

Anyone else hear of this book? I love his show...if it wasn't based in Vancouver, I totally would have applied.

Off the brush my teeth...then track...then finish my marking...*sigh* I can't wait until the holiday next week!

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