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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

10PS Day 1

Yesterday I completed the fitness test for the 10PS. I almost died. Stupid, over-confident, brainless me, decides NOT to bring water. Huge mistake. And the gym in my condo doesn't have a fountain (that I could see). My legs were like jello after, I had trouble getting my muscles to move to walk back to the elevator!

Today is day 2, but day 1 of the real workouts. I have eaten my regularly scheduled breakfast a la the meal plan, and I'm feeling good. It's a lot of food, but a lot of good food ya know? Also, and major NSV for me, I completely prepped my lunch the night before. Normally I will do it in the morning, but I quite often don't have time, and just end up buying something. Not today. So proud of myself.

Gonna have to rush home after gym gets major crowded at 6ish (as I am sure ppl are aware). Maybe if I can get in there before 5, it'll be ok.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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