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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weigh In Day!

So, as promised I weighed in when I woke up this morning, annnnnnd......down 1.2! Currently sitting at 145.8. I am very happy with that result in one week. Because I am somewhat near to goal, I know I can't afford too many "treats". Yes, they're important, but I know from the past that the losing slows right down if I'm not diligent. Especially since, from what I've seen/heard from others who are following P+, that if they're not careful, the weight loss slows down, with the extra fruit allowed. I'm not sure if this is true, but I need to be careful regardless. I also need to incorporate vegetables....*sigh*....I hate vegetables. I am such a child, but I honestly hate vegetables. Raw is generally ok (with dip, lol), but cooked? Major ick. I hate the smell, I hate the texture, and I hate the taste. I have to really really work on eating vegetables. This journey would be so much easier if I just liked the darn things!

I worked out 3 times this week...yay! I am moving this coming week, so getting in my 2 times is going to be a challenge...but lifting and packing boxes, cleaning, and painting should make up for some of it. Although, and here's a question, do you count the unintentional exercise? The cleaning, painting etc? I saw a thread on the Awesome 20s board where someone was asking about counting that type of activity. I posted that I do not, I only count intentional exercise, because I don't want to think I can eat more than I actually can...thoughts from anybody else? I'm not going to count my moving activity, but I'm just curious as to what others think.

Anyway, I am going to have a lazy couple of hours (breakfast and movies in bed!), and then back to planning for my classes tomorrow. I might also throw in a couple of 10 Minute Trainer workouts....or I might not, lol.

Have a great Sunday :)


  1. I probably wouldn't actually count that kind of thing, but I also wouldn't stress about not making x amount of workouts during such a physically active week either. It will probably even out for the week in the end.

    If you wanted to eat extra points from that activity, i would count it as low intensity and probably just for part of the time, not the whole ex. of 8 hours of moving/painting/etc.

  2. Veggies - Simply Steam by green giant are amazing. They have lots of different kinds with sauce and they are very low in calories. I often eat one for dinner and am good for the night :) I bulk it up with some shredded or cottage cheese! They would make a great side too if you are cooking for more than one (max 2 people for one box though). The best part? They are only 1$ at Walmart right now!! :D

  3. @Amanda - ya, I think the extra moving activity is going to be balanced by the quick and unhealthy food that is likely going to be consumed (though I made a big batch of points friendly stew to hopefully tide me over)

    @Amie - I've seen those before, but never got any cause I just thought with the sauce, it's be a no-no...I'm good with veggies if I cover them up! lol...also, I found this roasted cauliflower recipe that is amazing...from gina's skinny recipes or something (forget the exact site)..gonna have to head to walmart!