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Saturday, 26 March 2011

No WI Yet

Fridays are supposed to be my weigh in day, but I missed yesterday. I don't think this is a good omen, lol. I had a field trip with my students Friday morning, and I stayed over at my bf's Thursday night and he doesn't have a scale (lucky b@stard stays at 138 NO MATTER WHAT...grrrr), and Friday night I stayed at his place again and missed my chance for this morning. But tomorrow I will definitely weigh in when I wake up. I'm not sure how it's gonna go, to be honest. I am trying my best, but I think I need more activity. This evening, before dinner, I am going to try the 10 Minute trainer (thank you torrent sites! lol). I'm going to do the lower body and cardio, because I think that's where I need the most work.

So I am working on keeping within my points...had a minor McDonald's set back at lunch. But, and this is an NSV for me, I left half of the fries on the tray. I was eating them, and thinking, ugh, these just don't taste good. I think cause they were fresh, and there was more grease or something than if they had been there for a few minutes...but anyway, I pushed them to the edge of my tray and finished my hamburger. I should have known better. I now only have 4 points left for the day. Dinner is going to be complicated, lol. I'm right now eating apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter (which is amazing btw, lol). I am worried about tonight cause the bf is at a cultural dinner for his community, and it's just gonna be me relaxing on my own, which means snacky time. I am going to try and keep it under control and just use my weeklies, plus add some activity points.

In other news, I move in 5 days! I will be a part owner of my very own tiny slice of Toronto real estate. Seriously, I think I've seen closets that are bigger, lol. No, seriously, it's not bad for a first purchase. The bf and I spent 2 months looking for it, had a couple deals fall through, and finally found something in the building we like, in the area we like, that we can actually afford. Well, we can afford the mortgage, maintenance fees etc, but holy crap are there a lot of extra fees! I knew we'd have about $2000 in lawyer fees with land transfer tax (living in Toronto, you get charged 2 taxes when purchasing a home...thank you government), her fees, etc., but I wasn't expecting the final bill total.......$7334 that we have to bring to the lawyer's office to close the deal...*gulp* That's gonna hurt. Put that with moving expenses and April is gonna be a very very expensive month....nevermind eating fries, I'll be the one behind the counter asking you if you'd like fries with your meal!

Better get on with my Saturday exercise...gotta psych myself up for it...I hate exercising on the weekend...I think for me, exercising is like work, and I only work during the week, lol. Here goes nothing, gotta burn off my lunch :)

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