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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sticker shock!

But surprisingly good sticker shock! I was updating all my info today and I put my starting weight as 150, cause that's how I was feeling....stepped on the scale before my 30 DS, and........drummmmmrollll please!

147! I was 143 when I "ahem" lost track...I am very happy with only a 4lb gain...especially since I had clothes on (I never step on a scale clothed), and it was 5:30 pm (I normally weigh in when I wake up). This is motivating. I can now update the My Fitness Pal ticker! Instant weight loss : ) Makes the journey seem much shorter now, those little 3 lbs.

That being said, I am quite happy with today. I ate what I was supposed to eat, I tracked, and I just finished my workout. I did have a cupcake, but for like the first time ever, I tracked the indulgence. Normally I just ignore it, in the hopes that if I don't acknowledge it, then it never happened. No more of that laziness/denial. I saw the chips in my pantry and ignored them. I have chicken defrosting, and a yummy chicken broccoli pasta thing that I am going to try for dinner (anyone been to AMAZING, sure all the recipes call for Kraft products, but everything I've tried has been delicious).

I've decided that my weigh in day will be Fridays. I need Friday night as an indulgence night (a little bit). So I want a little something extra for the weekend. Rather than fight my normal pattern, I might as well plan for it.

Anyway...6 tests and report cards to mark/do, dinner to cook, and an appalingly (is that a word?) dirty/messy apartment to clean. Better get going if I'm gonna get some sleep :)

p.s. I learned how to put in code! I feel so tech savvy! I know this is simple stuff, but it's all knew to me :)

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