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Thursday, 18 October 2012

That feeling you get

When all is well and you're eating right and making an effort to exercise and your tummy is flat, your energy is up, and you feel that you can accomplish anything.

God how I have missed that feeling! This is the feeling that needs to be bottled and sold, or at least shared and remembered cause it's hard when you're down to remember what being ok feels like.

I've had a great week and what I need to do now is keep that in mind regardless of what happens at my WI tomorrow. This will be my first official back on the program WI, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't care. But this feeling right now, the feeling of being in control and not craving things because I'm fueling my body with everything it needs, the satisfaction I have of making a plan and following through...that's what I need to retain for tomorrow and the rest of my life. Because I will never be "done" with my journey. I think that's what has held me back in the past. There is no end in sight because I will always have to be careful, and that's not as depressing as it was a year ago.

So I need to remember how I feel now and I challenge everybody who has ever tried to lose weight or get healthy to remember their own feeling of satisfaction and's powerful and I don't want it to disappear.

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