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Friday, 10 August 2012

WI Time

Now that I am no longer seething in rage (though I try not to think about it or I'll relapse), I can post my WI. I'm down 0.2. No I was not happy. But I'll take it as down being down.

I also did something else today. I didn't declare Friday my "cheat" day. I let it be as a normal day, and while I did have a treat at lunch, that was it. No full blown meal. Nothing to go crazy about. Let's see if I can keep it going throughout the rest of the weekend.

As for what happened as per my last post. My bf came home and was righteously angry on my behalf. He himself said that his brother is banned from our home, although I don't know how much credit I'm going to give that. I asked what possible excuse his brother had for going into my email and he said it happened "by accident". Ya, accident that you stumbled upon that exact email? No you searched through it. I don't even know if I left my email open. Now, it being my computer, I'm pretty much always signed in. He said that he went to check his email and accidentally got into mine. That's perfectly understandable. It's happened to me a lot too. But you know what you don't do? You don't then just start going through the effing messages. You sign out and sign into your own damn account. Asshole. Oops, getting mad again.

I also told my bf that I am more than willing to take him and his parents out for Eid al-Fitr next week (celebrating the end of Ramadan). I had already offered it. But I also said that I will only go if it's just the four of us. I will not, absolutely will not, go if that ass is going to be there. That could pose a problem since Eid is a huge family thing. Because his parents don't know that he's no longer allowed back here, or really any of the story, if they ask if he's coming, it's going to be pretty hard to explain why not. Basically my bf can make a choice. Celebrate Eid with me and his parents, or with his brother and his parents. I'm not fussy. I just won't be there if his brother is (since I offered to pay for it, it kinda saves me $100 anyway, lol). My bf tends to agree with what I say at first, then changes his mind, or "forgets" as the date gets closer. But I'm not budging. I don't give a rat's ass if I ever see him again.

Anyway...time for dinner...I know I'm not fasting, but man I hate eating dinner at 8:30 at night!! 1 more week!

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