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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I lied...

I think my one true foe is emotional eating. Maybe weekends and emotional eating are tied? I had a really bad day. Or rather, a large portion of it was horrible, but I can compartmentalize pretty well, so I tucked it away till later.

So here it is. My bf has a brother. Brother and I don't get along. I really don't like him actually. I think he's lazy and a free loader and all around I have no time for him or his BS. He's married, and his wife is going to have a baby in January. Most men would step up and say, hey, I need a job, any job, cause my wife is going to go on mat leave and then we'll have to exist on mat leave income (her job does supplement up to 85% but still). But him? Nope. Baby coming in less than 6 months, with wifey likely going on mat leave, let's say a month before the due date, and no job. He's held ONE job in Canada. For a month. He quit cause his manager was "mean". Really. You didn't like your manager. Who does?? You don't quit your first Canadian job that you desperately need to gain experience and build on your contacts just because you don't like your manager. Suck it up!

Anyway...that's just some background on what type of person he is.

He's also a snooper. I have expressly forbidden my bf from allowing his brother to roam around our apartment. He goes into everything! Seriously, he's like a toddler. One time I was in NYC and on skype with my bf and saw the brother go into our bedroom just looking around.

So where is all this going? Today I get an email from my bf saying "read plz". So I read it, and it's an excerpt from an email I sent to my trainer a couple days ago. In it I said the "inlaws are at the idiot brother's house" and then I went on to say that I don't have any problems except my inlaws trying to feed me at like 1 am and me not knowing how to say no thank you, I can't eat couscous at 1 am, I'll get fat (language barrier). My bf wrote in the email "what is this supposed to mean?" At first I was like, crap, I called his brother an idiot, maybe he took offense (forgetting that he himself has said the exact same thing, but hey, we're weird with family). Then I started the hell did he know?? Where did he get the excerpt. And why just an excerpt? If my bf had been the one to get it, he would have seen the whole email. So I email him back explaining what I meant...then I was like, ummm, why you reading my email???

He ignored my email and my resulting text messages. Then after work I called him and he picked up and he's all like, who did you send that to? What does it mean? I told him I sent it to my trainer, and he's still acting all pissy. So I asked, where did you get it...why were you in my email? He's like "brother (name omitted) sent it to me". HIS BROTHER WENT INTO MY PERSONAL COMPUTER AND INTO MY EMAIL AND SENT STUFF HE DIDN'T LIKE TO MY BF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently his dad had a dr's appt, and he needed a file in our apt. So my bf sent the brother with his parents to get it. During that time he went onto my computer and did such a gross violation of my privacy that I am still livid. bf is still acting pissy and we hang up, and I'm texting him going, uh, excuse me??? I call your brother an idiot and THAT'S the big news here? Not the fact that he broke into my email?? My bf was like, you called me an idiot.

No. I. Didn't. All because of a misread apostrophe, my bf was all mad cause he thought I was calling him an idiot to my trainer. Seriously??? All of this because of a mis-read apostrophe?? So after that was cleared up, I'm like, what about what your brother did???? Oh we'll get it sorted out. No big deal. Really?? I have personal stuff on my computer. For one, I have quite revealing pics to mark my progress. Do you really want your brother to see those? Or my banking info? Or even just FB and email???

I am so mad at both of them. I was crying because I felt so violated. Oh...he also opened a word doc and put "You are the biggest idiot" in big gold letters so of course I'd see it when I opened my computer.

My bf's like, I'll get a formal apology. Eff that. I don't want a fake apology from that insincere ass. He won't mean it. He'll think it's a big joke. I told my bf to screw that, and that simply he is banned from my house. He is not welcome here. If he wants to see my bf, they can meet on the second floor where our amenities are. But in no uncertain terms is he welcome in my house. I also told my bf that he needs to do something. I am not going to let this go.

To some maybe I am overreacting. But with our history and how he has treated me (the brother, not my bf), I think I am well within my rights to take it as far as I can.

So after all of this...I sat down while my healthy dinner was cooking and ate tortilla chips and salsa and a handful of peanut M&Ms. So angry. So hurt. So violated. Not a great day.

Outside of this compartment, everything else was good. Had my first express bootcamp today. It was a fit test. Did well! But kinda wiped out by everything else. Let's see what happens when my bf gets home. Let's see how he handles this.

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  1. I would be beyond livid!!!

    This is a GROSS violation of privacy. I would expect your boyfriend to never have him near the house or you again. I would also expect that the boyfriend would be just as outraged!

    I am furious on your behalf!