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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 1 of doing vs. trying

Did 2 miles today. Wasn't easy. lol. Oh well. I increased my speed in the last half mile. But that wasn't for any altruistic motive such as increasing my intensity. No, I just hoped that by upping my speed I'd finish faster, lol. Tomorrow is another day with my trainer. Tomorrow morning I will get up and do 2.5 miles. Good plan of doing :)

On the other side of things....Magnum ice cream bars? Totally not worth it. I wanted ice cream today. A small treat so I planned it in. I was going to get one of those small tubs of Haagen Dazs, but then I saw the Magnum bars at No Frills and ever since I saw the commercials I've wanted to try one. So I did after lunch. And the result is that they are totally not worth the ice cream splurge. I would take Haagen Dazs any day. Little bit disappointed really. In other food splurges, the home made ravioli and sauce I got from the farmer's market yesterday was amazing!

After my post yesterday I started looking into yoga. So apparently ashtanga is the power yoga. The place where I am looking doesn't offer a level 1 I am going to start with hatha or vinaysa first to ease into it...then figure out how to do the power one. Overall I just want to stretch and meditate and be at peace. I need help with my anger issues and with calming down. Might as well try yoga :) Also...if I am starting yoga, there's no way I can afford boot camp, but I am going to try spinning. That's offered at I'm gonna find a location that offers it and give it a go. Time to add some spice to my workouts!

Time to do the Sunday clean, laundry, plan my meals, put away the groceries, and get everything ready for tomorrow. Only 2 more weeks of my current job!!! Excitement personified!

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