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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Internal Motivation

What's yours? I'm on a mission to find mine. At least mine that lasts longer than 3 months. Have you ever watched the tv show X-Weighted? On it there is a weight loss goal as well as a fitness goal. I think the fitness goal is almost as important as the weight loss goal since we all know that focusing just on the numbers can get pretty damn frustrating. So I have chosen a fitness goal. My friend, who I usually run my races with (and by "usually" I mean the grand total of TWO that I have ever done (or will have done by tomorrow afternoon, lol) asked me if I wanted to do a 10K in August along the Grand River. Having barely done 5K before, I was skeptical. I "struggle" with 5K. And I put struggle in " " cause I think it's mainly mental. A big ol' game of "omg, I've never done this before so I can't consistently do it now" But why the hell can't I do 10K? I'm gonna make myself into a runner if it kills me. This is the one thing that I have never truly given up on. I always come back to it. Even when I am "off" so to speak, I always start again by coming back to running. Can't say that about other forms of cardio. I also love resistance training, but that's beside the point right now.

So I googled (love google) 10K training programs. Armed with an 8 week program and (cause I so can't afford a Garmin or similar right now) I am going to start training for 10K this week. This is my fitness goal. I haven't concretely found the website for the run, but I *think* it's this one: cause my friend mentioned lunch and swimming at her parents' house afterwards (I think she was trying to bribe me, lol), and I think they live in Cambridge. So Fergus would be close. On a bonus, if this is the one, I can go to the Scottish highland games! lol. (dad's side of the family came over from Scotland in the's in my blood).

The training program starts with 1.5 miles (2.4 ish km) which I can already do. I've been doing about 2ish miles already, steady state, so 1.5 shouldn't be a problem. The other big news? I'm gonna do it outside. I am going to do all of my training (minus the brutally hot days and potentially rainy days, ew) outside. I have a course all mapped out for Tuesday and I'm excited.

I want something tangible I can focus on. Not the fluctuation frustration of the scale. Maybe this can be the internal motivation that I need? I want to focus on my fitness. Building my muscle, increasing my cardio endurance. I'm not going to stop weighing in, but I will have more of a focus on the other things. I need to find what works for me otherwise I'm never going to make it.


  1. This seems like a great goal Megs!

    Planning is SO important. I am one who needs that structure and plan in place in order for me to follow through. If I plan what I will eat, then I will eat it. If I fly by the seat of my pants I am a lot more unhealthy.

    I set 10lb goals for myself. Every 10lb I treated myself to something non-food related. I tried to keep it to something that would increase my confidence (like a pedicure or a pair of shoes).

    I also found a 10k training plan that I followed to a T. Before that my exercise was sporadic but 6wks in to the training plan I had solidified a new healthy habit.

    I also knew I wanted to be healthy because of the profession I am in. I didn't want to be a contradiction as a nurse saying "You can't eat fatty foods because they make you overweight" and be overweight myself. That really helped.

    I also watched the movie Forks Over Knives. Changed. My. Life. If I am ever lacking in motivation I go back and watch that movie again and it helps light the fire.

    1. Thanks Amie :) Planning is super important. I know I'm more successful when I take the time to plan everything out. I do rewards, and I have other visual motivators. What I want to focus on is that internal drive. To keep it going even when the day sucks like nothing else. I'm also going to take a closer look at my nutrition because that's always difficult.

  2. Great idea picking a fitness goal! That's how I started running, and my goal became a half-marathon. I too am an avid X-weighted watcher. Don't feel like you can't do this! You are building up from 5k to 10k which isn't a huge deal and with 8 weeks you CAN do it! I went from January to April going from 2 miles to 13.1 while having a 2 month old. You are going to do this and will feel SO proud!

    1. Thanks for your comment Alice! You too are a running inspiration! Especially with two little ones! I've got some mental hurdles to get through (pushing past walls I guess). But I'm ready to do it (not try, actually just do it :) ) I used to choose training goals for me all the time when I was actively competing so this should just be like riding a bike ;)