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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Big News

Two pieces of news today. Number 1, I beat my alarm clock (or my alarm clock beat me? not sure)...anyway, I was up at 6:30 and out the door at 7:00 for my second outdoor run. It was cold. Thankful for my long sleeves that's for sure. Finished 3.6 km in 26 mins, so a 7:03 p/km pace. That's pretty good IMO. Told my bf, and he's like, ya, my pace is 4 minutes. Great, thanks. Eff off, lol. Yes, he can do 5K in about 20 mins the bastard. But oh well. I think it's in his blood to run, hehe. Felt my shin the entire time. Not outright pain. More like a pressure. Could definitely tell it wasn't right. Other than that, I only stopped at stop lights, and even ran the big hill leading back to my condo. If I can get the damn shin splints gone, this won't be half bad :) I ended up going to the clinic today to see if I could get a referral to a sports med (after 45 mins of waiting, turns out you can self-refer yourself to a sports clinic, go figure). The dr is sending me for x-rays and an ultrasound anyway, just in case. Not that I think I have an actual injury, but she wants to rule it out. Then we'll go from there.

In other news.....I got a call today from George Brown College and was formally offered the position I interviewed for last week. Major excitement! I was jumping up and down outside of my work, lol. I was also shivering. Badly. I shake when I get nervous, or shiver rather. Even more so cause it was kinda chilly. Then as I was in the middle of the call, I see my regional director come out for his smoke break. Dear lord...freaked me out. I have to give notice and I'm really really not looking forward to it. I'm such a bloody people pleaser that I hate the thought of letting someone down. Hate it. Knowing that we're mere weeks away from our busy season has the guilt on high that I am leaving my school in the lurch. But aside from that I was so excited :) Nice sizeable jump in my salary (aka, actually getting paid what I'm worth professionally based on my experience and education), and to be at a college is amazing. One of Canada's top 100 employers. I don't know if I'll be able to handle working for an organisation who actually gives its employees the tools they need to be successful. Might take some getting used to :P

I'm excited for the new opportunity and for the chance to take my career even further. It'd be great to have two of Toronto's top colleges on my resume. I want to keep my teaching position at Humber because I think eventually that's where I want to be (teaching, not necessarily Humber). It's going to be amazing to have this level of experience on my resume for the future.

Big day for me :) Except I think the shivering/shaking during the phone call/cold did something to my back. Ever since then it's frickin hurt. My back issues have been chronicled here before. It comes and goes. But I'm starting to get really worried. If something as simple as shivering could send me into spasms, perhaps something really is wrong?? Back to the dr I think. But this time a sports med, cause that's where this stems from. Can't be right that I have chronic low back pain, and so much more now than I've ever had before. I can only think that it's because I'm exercising so much more. But the last time I was in an exercise regiment the pain went away when I lost weight. Something I have to look into.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. YAHOO!! Congrats on the new job :) My "talk" went good today with my Manager. You have to do what is right for you, and it sounds like this new job is perfect.

    1. Thanks Amie!! I'm glad your talk went well. I did mine today. Kinda like a band aid, just had to rip it off! hehe. Good luck in your new job!!