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Sunday, 19 February 2012

The universe is conspiring against me...

2 days before my first personal training appt and I'm fricking sick! Not cool!!! It's been coming on since Monday. Normally my colds happen pretty quickly, sore throat, then bam, head cold, chest hurts, I'm out for a week. This time it took forever to actually arrive. So of course I was lulled into a false sense of complacency. I thought that it would go away. Nope. Last night I was at a friends house any my voice kept getting more and more hoarse and my nose was dripping and I couldn't breathe. FML is all I got to say about that! Now my head feels like it's about to explode and I'm super tired and I still can't breathe :(

Thank god it's a long weekend. I get to sleep tomorrow too. My plan today is to hit up Michaels in north Toronto to get me some motivational rocks that I've been seeing EVERYWHERE! I first saw it on pinterest. The concept is this...get a jar with however many rocks you need (in my case 300, for every 10th of a pound I want to lose). Then get a second jar or decorative vase or whatever. Then, put the "pounds" jar in a conspicuous place where you're reminded of it. Then, as you lose, place the lost pounds/rocks in the "lost" jar, which is perhaps where your scale is located (or wherever you want it really). I think this is a great idea. I loved it when I did this type of thing with stickers. Which I am also going to pick up at Michaels. I loved getting to put on some big gaudy sparkly sticker to show I had kicked some butt. I'm thinking of getting different stickers for different things. Maybe one kind for activity, one for following through on my eating, etc. Visual keys work for me, might as well go all out.

I was telling my plan to my mom yesterday and she's all on board. But she was like, why are you going all the way to Michaels? I was like, I didn't like the colours of the rocks at the dollar store! She started to laugh at me, and I was like, what?! if something is gonna be motivational for me, don't you think having colours I detest would kinda defeat the purpose?? She agreed :) I love my mom. I hate that she's on the other side of the country from me. But as I am the biggest mommy's girl, we talk like every day, lol.

After the trip to the suburbs is a dinner/movie date with the Moroccan. Something he also planned (this planning thing is kinda throwing me for a loop...two plans in one week??? Craziness! oh, p.s he planned an amazing Valentine's day thing). Then I am coming home to SLEEP! So I can meet with that damn trainer at 6:15 AM (gulp!!) Tuesday morning and not be a pansy!

Have a great (long) weekend!

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