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Friday, 8 July 2011

Reality is hard...

Really hard. I face reality for a lil bit, then I hide my head back in the sand and pretend it's all good. This last part of the week has sucked. My bf and I have hit a rocky's like we can't go three days without fighting. Case in point? The Saturday before last we fought...when did we speak again? Last Wednesday. Then we were good. The long weekend was awesome. Then Sunday...we fought. When did we speak again? Actually, I think later that night, but still. Then this Wednesday...we fought...when did we speak again? Will update when that actually takes place...*sigh* Now he's away for the whole weekend and I'm sad :(

Weight loss wise? Well, I'm down. I got sick a few weeks back and I am JUST getting over it. That and with working two jobs, it is HARD to stay on track. I don't seem to have the time to go grocery shopping, nevermind exercise, or plan meals. I need to take the time, but from M-W I leave my house at 745 and I get home at 9pm. That's hard to plan for. However...loads of people are busy. I am not so special that my busyness is busier than other people's. I think I'm just lazy. I work so hard during the week that come the weekend I don't want to work at anything that takes, well, work. Yet, if I don't have time during the early week, I must make things work later in the week. I want to be at goal!! Why am I wasting so much time and money on this frickin goal and then not following through??? If anyone has the answer, by all means, drop me a line.

Well, this post isn't that insightful...but I'm melancholy (such a great word) and all emo tonight with the bf situation and me home alone and just feeling sad :( Hopefully tomorrow brings better feelings

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