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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Running NSV

Dusted off my gym shoes (and actually put them on!!) and went back to day 1 of week 1 of Couch to 5K. In the past I have gotten to maybe week 3 and quit because it just didn't seem like it was getting easier. Then I read something a little bit ago that made the proverbial light bulb go off in my head...on a blog somewhere, someone (a runner) said that the biggest mistake new runners make is going too fast. That is my problem. I would be doing the early days of C25K, but amping up my speed at the slightest indication that I could indeed go faster. Whatever happened to slow and steady wins the race??? Well I'm rediscovering that adage right now. I would amp up my speed so that by week 3 I was running anyway from 6.5-7.0 mph (treadmill talk) wonder I had no endurance!! As someone who doesn't run, yes I could run at that speed, but the levels never seemed to get easier...I would be DYING like half way through. Then I just realised, well, no crap, you're not giving your body any chance to get used to what it's doing. Yes we need to up our game, so our body gets confused, but like every session?? No. I'm a new runner, my lower half is heavy, and it takes a lot to move it...I need to focus on slow and steady.

So, today I ran at 6.0 the entire time. And I didn't die. Nor did I feel like I was crawling. It was work, but not so much work that I wanted to quit, or stop half way through. And the biggest bonus of them all??? NOT ONCE did I look at the time when I was running! Not at ANY of the intervals. Even the later ones when you're all hot and red and sweaty and just want it to be done. I ALWAYS peek...but I didn't :D I was very happy. So for my first foray back into exercising in like 2 months, I call that a definite success.

Now, I had also announced that I quit WW. I checked out Herbal Magic yesterday, and they do have a really great promotion going on. Now, I know the pitfalls of fad diets, and on the surface, HM may look like a it is EFFING expensive, even with the promotion. They sell you supplements, which, truthfully, I am not convinced on terms of actual benefits. However, they do GUARANTEE your weight loss if you actually follow their program. This means, with only 18 lbs to go, I could be at goal by August. After 3 loooooong years, that is frickin amazing.

Now, I am broke, like so broke I have like $100 leftover at the end of the month after all of my bills are paid, but I squeezed HM in for at least a month. Also, to be honest, I'm going to try and get away with not buying supplements every week like they want you to, cause it is so expensive. I think if I am super diligent on my diet and my exercise, the supplements won't be as needed. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for super weight loss with no efforts. But I am looking for motivation (you can get individual coaching 7 days a week if you wanted, and it's included in your program price) I am slated to go 3x per week. Plus, I needed more structure. WW was great for me when I was learning. But now it's so rote that I don't even try. Now I am trying because I am a little more restricted, like I was when I first joined WW. It's about portion control, and eating the recommended healthy guidelines, and of course drinking your water and making the right choices. I need this to get to goal, then I can maintain at a more comfortable level like with WW.

So I am happy right now. My bf is coming home from Morocco in 3 short/long days, and I am soooooo looking forward to seeing him! I'm not used to living by myself! Which means I should get my butt in gear and clean my disaster of an apt!!

Have a good week!!!

p.s. downfall to living by lake ontario? the frickin bugs! I'm currently on my balcony, and I'm still all sticky from the gym, and apparently that and the humidity is like honey to them!! I'm going inside before I get eaten alive!!

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