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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clean up time

Half way through January, time to get the routine going again. No more Christmas, New Year's, birthday. No excuses. What I do have is a new routine. I am taking a graphic design class every Tuesday from now until the middle of April, my new puppy is coming Feb. 8, and I teach every Saturday from now until the end of April. Oh, and I have a new meeting time and place.

That's a lot of new stuff for a self-proclaimed hater of change (others have proclaimed this as well to be honest). So I've been struggling a little bit.

So I am using this coming week to put my routine (or a routine period) into place.

For exercise I have spin class on Wednesdays. I want Mondays to be one of my booty days (hehe), because I'm home from work at 4:00 that day, and then I think Thursdays and Sundays will round out my week. I was noticing a lot of change with my body just before Christmas. Time to get that going again.

There's also a "clean up your diet" challenge I read about in the blogosphere, so I'm going to take that on. That's eliminating all processed sugars/foods from your diet from now until Feb. 14. Clean eating is the key to success. I noticed this prior to the holidays that I wasn't really eating too differently except I was really focusing on getting the good food into me instead of the convenience foods. The exception are my lattes. If I get the sugar free syrups do they still count?? Not sure. It's still putting something into my body that's not good for me. On the fence about artificial sweeteners.

So I am taking on this clean up challenge. I am also back to tracking (faithfully, even if it's not good news).

Time to feel the fire! Or rather, the burn in muscles not used in several weeks, lol.

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  1. Glad to see a post from you Meg! The Clean Up Challenge should definitely help us all get back on track after Christmas and the New Year.