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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas plans?

Who has a plan to lose? What about maintain? What about saying to hell with it and letting the chips (oooh and dip!) fall where they may? This is a dangerous dangerous time of year. I don't have a specific plan of action as of yet. I have a basic outline, but nothing concrete. First, let me tally up the food events for me this season:

1) dinner with a good girlfriend of mine to do present swap for both of our respective birthdays plus Christmas

2) My mom gets into town next week: 1 Indian buffet; 1 movie outing; 1 birthday dinner (my mom's)  - this all within about 2-3 days

3) Christmas Eve - traditionally an appetizer evening with all the good (read: bad) foods I don't eat throughout the rest of the year

4) Christmas Day - need I say more?

5) Mandarin Buffet (my birthday, my choice)

6) Birthday #2 - party thrown by a friend of mine.

Holy cow.

My plan this holiday season, honestly, is just to maintain. Because it looks like food is kinda out of control, my action plan is to be as active as possible. I've already checked out the spin classes that will be running during that holiday week, plus with the gym in my building it's not that hard to get to.

I am also going to enjoy myself. I do not eat like this throughout the year, and I have been truly living this plan for over 2 months now. This includes splurge meals. I'm going to treat my days as I normally would and see what happens.

Besides, I have a whole week before the craziness starts in. Let's see what I can accomplish in that time.

WI tomorrow, so I'm excited to see how this week went. Otherwise, time to finish marking for my last IELTS class on Saturday and prepare for my holiday next week!

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