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Friday, 11 May 2012


Down 0.8. I was kind of expecting more. Apparently I don't learn from my mistakes, cause I peeked on Wednesday and I was down to 151. I know that it's dangerous. Because I was expecting at least that today. But no...then I was disappointed. But, that's the second loss in a row, so I seem to be back on track.

Did my second run for the week. 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in 17 minutes. Felt pretty good. The last 0.5 mile I had some issues with focus. There was this girl in front of my on a stationary bike, and her head was directly in my line of vision. My usual focal point at the gym is beyond her head and I couldn't see it, lol. I focused on the tv, but that involves lifting your head a little bit. I prefer to stare straight ahead. But all in all it was good. Did it straight without stopping.

My eating today was atrocious and I'm not even gonna feel guilty about it. As long as I am back on track tomorrow, one day won't kill me. I had a turkey bacon with egg on a bagel with chocolate milk, two oatmeal cookies (one chocolate chip, one raisin), lays classic potato chips, rice cakes with peanut butter, and as soon as the bf stops playing PS3, we're going to Jack Astor's :) I've been looking forward to this dinner all week, so I'm excited.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to go to the farmer's market, load up on fresh good things and plan out my week. Less eating out is needed.

My final run this week is on Sunday. 2 miles (3.2 km). It's my last run indoors before moving outside. My shoes seem to be fine. I still have shin splints tho :( They came back with a vengeance today. There's a spot about mid-way up my calf to the side of my shin bone that hurts to the touch. I don't really know what to do about it since I don't want to stop training. Does icing it really work? What about those topical creams or rubs? When it was like this before it hurt to walk the next day, so that's not good. I don't want to severely injure myself, but I'm not really sure what to do about it.

I'm also excited for the weekend. This is my first all to myself weekend. Nothing planned. And it's supposed to be beautiful! I think we're going to do the farmer's market, then a picnic on the Toronto Islands. Sunday, who knows, but I'm definitely going to relax and enjoy it :)

In an interview update. I got an email yesterday confirming that I was still in the selection process, but that I was free to contact the manager directly if I should wish to discuss the position further. I was a little bit confused. So I called her and left a message. Then today she called me back and it was really just to go over the position in more detail, but the final decision hasn't been made yet. However, she did tell me that the hiring committee was very impressed with my background and experience, especially considering that I haven't been in my career field for very long (going on 4 yrs). She said they were impressed with my accomplishments in such a short period of time. So I'm hoping that means they're leaning toward me. I have to wait for the reference check to go through and then I guess I'll hear next week. I'd hate to quit my current job right now because it's right before our busy season and I really don't like leaving people in the lurch like that. However, if they treated me right and paid me what I am worth, I wouldn't be going on interviews in the first place.

Time for dinner...have a great weekend!!

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