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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Positivity Update

Yesterday was great. Bf and I are talking again (dancing around the oh so important issue at hand). I'm going to slowly try to go forward with discussing things and see how I fare.

Aside from the bf stopping being such an ass, I had a good run, maybe even a great run. I went to my regular gym and then unpacked everything and saw that I was missing my headphones. I'm sorry, I can't run without all of my stuff. I can't run along to the gym music. At this stage in the game with willpower and determination holding on by a thread, I'm not about to make my runs even harder. So I decided to head home and hit my condo gym.

This could have been disastrous. I am very easily swayed. If this had happened even 2 months ago, I can almost guarantee that I wouldn't have run at all. I would have said I'm tired. Oh it's Friday, I'll take this as my rest day and go on Sunday (knowing full well how much I don't like exercising on weekends). As I've explained before, I can justify anything. It's a gift.

So I get home and the bf wants to go out and buy a bike helmet (he's doing the 200 km bike ride to conquer cancer for Princess Margaret Hospital in June) and I tell him, nope, I gotta hit the gym. And the biggest part? I actually do it! Cue applause! lol.

So I'm down there, finished my warm up and said to myself, ok, you can't look at the time until 2 songs are over. I was toward the end of the first song, and I said, nope, wait for 3 songs...then nope, wait for 4 songs. I made a commitment to focus ahead of me and not look at the time for 4 songs (which I figured would put me at the 20 minute mark)...and I actually did it!! I was so freaking happy. The run itself was even good. Every time I felt tired I just kept telling myself that it's my body growing stronger and pushing itself. When I finally did look at the clock I only had 5 mins left! So I added incline and pushed myself, all with the biggest smile on my face (pretty sure the girl next to me thought I was crazy!)

It was such a nice feeling after the rest of the week. I don't know what is the cause of it...the self-talk beforehand, the fact that it was the 4th time running at that speed, or I'm just getting stronger, period. In the end I don't really care, it felt great! I think I am going to keep that speed and add some incline next time. I need to start conditioning myself to run outside. I'm still a little scare to hit the pavement. Yesterday would have been the perfect day. It was freaking beautiful in Toronto. But I'm not there yet. I really want some endurance before I attempt it so that I have the confidence to face the fact that running outside is harder than on the treadmill.

Today was good too. Taught at Humber for 4 hours, checked out Winners for workout gear (total bust, the Reebok yoga pants I wanted were no longer there :( ), then on the way home bf and I decided to hit the gym when we got back. I did my resistance workout from my trainer and he did 5K on the treadmill (so jealous of his ability to just RUN...did I mention it was at a speed of like 8.0-10.0? sigh). My workout felt great, added some more weight. Then we hit the pool and swam a bit, then the hot tub, then up to our suite. It was great. We did the same thing last Saturday and it's such an awesome bonding experience. Exercise endorphins and quality time (especially after the last few days we've had :S)

In the 17 days of March that we've had, I've been active 14 of those 17 days. That is freaking amazing! I am so proud of myself. I am really looking forward to my WI on Monday, and I feel in control of what I'm doing. There is something to be said for positivity :)

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