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Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year...

2012....weird. I am also one more year closer to that dreaded 3-0 (rapidly leaving the "late twenties" I have listed here). I REFUSE to enter that very very scary place (aka, outside of my 20s) not at goal. Weight loss just gets harder with age. Don't really want to keep delaying my success.

I had already made the plan/commitment before Christmas to get it back together. It was working. I was making the time (for exercise at least). In a recap about the gym, I found out that they sold me pre-fabricated sessions (hence the treatment I got when speaking to the trainers etc.) They also refused to honour my sessions as customizable sessions. So I asked for a refund. Except, now I feel as if I am labeled as the "difficult customer" whenever I walk in there. I basically told the personal training manager that she was a judgemental b*tch when I had my meeting with her, so whenever I see her, I just have this feeling that she's rooting for my failure so that she'd feel as though she was right (in telling me that their way was the only way). I need to move gyms. Except there's no women's only close by. I just have to get over it I guess, but it's still uncomfortable.

In other news, I quit my freelance job. I only made about $300 extra per month. I don't even want to know how much money I spent eating out because of this job and the lack of time because of it. I figured it wasn't worth my energy anymore. Especially considering what it was doing to my home life (pretty sure my bf was starting to forget what I looked like), and what it was doing to my more lucrative second job at a college. So with regret (I did enjoy it and the people), I quit yesterday and it feels great. I am so looking forward to either hitting the gym next Monday and then coming home and cooking a healthy dinner for my bf and I, or coming straight home, maybe doing a workout video and then dinner...all likely before 7/8 pm! It's craziness I tell you!!

I have also bought a fitness and diet journal, and I am committing to the 17 Day Diet. Bad name, actually sensible premise. It's all about jump starting your body and basically doing a cleanse for 17 days (by cleanse I mean healthy, clean eating, no grains, processed food etc, nothing crazy there), and then 2 more 17 day cycles that gradually give you back some of the good carbs and widen your food base. I am taking 2012 as the year to get over my fear of vegetables. People constantly tell me that sushi takes getting used to. I am going to try very very hard to use this mentality with vegetables. No more assuming I don't like something. I am also going to try playing with seasonings...garlic does wonders!! My mom gave me a low carb (not no carb!!) cookbook in my Christmas has some very tasty options in there that are well balanced. So does the 17 day diet. It's really about sensible eating.

I might also try WW meetings again. I don't know if I can really afford it (just found out I now make too much (pshaw!!) to qualify for repayment assistance on my student loans and now have to start giving them money :( ), because the support is amazing. But I've also never really given the online thing a chance. And since you can now get lifetime online like in meetings, maybe it's worth it to pay a bit more attention.

I've tracked solidly for 2 days, and I am happy to be moving forward. Grocery shopping this weekend. Meal planning tonight. Bring it on!

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