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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New meaning to the term "gong show"

Wow has my professional life gone topsy turvy. People being fired or quitting left right and centre. Not such a fan of mergers by the way. And I get to find out (yesterday), that, as of next Monday, I will be fully in charge of a 100+ student school, rather than just managing the academic part of things (which is what I was originally hired for). I do not have management experience. I can run my school because I can do the academics. But I cannot be an operations manager. However, now my head office is telling me that this is not what I am responsible for. Not only am I responsible for all things student related (testing, class placement, counselling, graduation, textbooks etc etc etc), and all things teacher related (hiring, firing, managing, scheduling, pay roll, feedback/observations, etc etc etc), but now I am responsible for ALL THINGS IN THE BUILDING?? Marketing, recruiting, accreditation, contracts with the government of Saudi Arabia (?!!), agency relationships, accommodations etc etc etc etc etc etc....holy crap!!!! My pure director of studies duties take all of my time. How am I supposed to do someone else's full time job as well just because she up and quit by giving my big boss a frickin ultimatum?? (idiocy btw).

Anyway. I am not sleeping well. I am not eating well. I am still exercising, so that's a plus. But everything else has gone apeshit. Anyway...I did need to vent, so I am done. I am doing day 2 of week 2 of C25K soon as my bad lunch gets digested a bit. In the meantime, I am going to clean my apartment and hang out with my lovely Moroccan (1.5 weeks into Ramadan!!) Oh, and I have to work a bit since the office got so depressing that I took some work home with me so I could leave early.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better!

(oh, and plans for dinner are: Basil and tomato grilled chicken (amazing!), with rice, fresh raw veggies, and a spinach salad (one of those one the fence vegetables) ) After my lunch today, I need something a little fresh and clean :)

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  1. Oh my, sounds like definite turmoil! Sorry to hear things are going so crazy with work...

    Try not to get too worked up about it! Just take things one day at a time... Sounds like you have a great opportunity to show what you're made of and take on these new challenges head on! Think of it as an opportunity to develop those management skills and prove to yourself that you can handle it. Just think about how good this experience will sound if you ever are applying to other jobs, etc... Complete turmoil in the office, you are appointed to a difficult and challenging position but you conquer it and come out on top!

    Good luck :)